Online Rummy Betting for Real Money

Rummy is a great satta game that has been played for decades amongst friends and strangers. India, which also has the game of Paplu, has adopted rummy to be one of their traditional games, and not just offline, but rummy online as well for rummy betting and free play purposes.

Rummy is a card game, where the objective is to gain the least amount of points, while your opponents gain more points than you. This card game has its different rules and gameplay, making it a great game for those that have had their fill of poker and blackjack. Learn what it takes to play rummy online and which online casino from India to use.

Rummy Betting Brief History

When talking about such an extensive game as rummy, there has to be various different origin stories and theories. As such, many believe that it originated from three possible places:

  • Conquian: Spain/Mexico
  • Poker: French settlers
  • China/Japan

Conquian is a Spanish card game that closely resembles rummy, which is why many believe that rummy takes its roots from this game. It was from Spain where it spread to Mexico and the Americas, where other variations of the game have emerged, such as Gin Rummy.

When the French started to colonize in America, they were the first ones to bring poker to the continent. The theory states that it was from this type of poker that rummy is said to have come from, as it was first referred to as Rum Poker, and finally simply named Rummy.

Mah Jong is a very popular game played in ancient China, whereas Hanafuda is a style of rummy played in Japan. These are observed to be the first games where the act of drawing and discarding comes into play.

With so many theories, it is up to you to decide where rummy could have originated from. As for me, I will stick to enjoying the game and winning money without worrying about the past of its origins for now.

Rules of Rummy Betting

The rules for playing rummy are simple and are as follows:

  • Number of decks used: 1
  • Cards used: 52 (2 through Ace)
    • Highest Card: Ace or King (depending on the type of rummy the Ace can be the highest or lowest ranked card)
    • Lowest Card: 2
  • Number of players: 2 to 6
  • Melding is to dispose of all your cards by:
    • Sequence or run. A sequence is three or more cards that are in consecutive order and of the same suit (ex. 8 9 10 Jack of Hearts).
    • Group or set (also referred to as book). A group is three or four cards of the same rank (ex. 4 of Hearts, 4 of Spades, 4 of Clubs).
  • Laying Off is to add card(s) from your hand onto the cards that are already on the table in order to meld it. You are not allowed to move a card from one meld to another meld.
  • To Discard is to throw a card from your hand onto the discard pile, getting rid of any extra cards in your hand. You can only discard one card per turn, and it signifies the end of your turn.

These rules may seem complicated, but as you play you will come to learn that they are quite simple and straight forward.

Rummy Betting Online

How to Bet

In order to apply these rules of the game you must know how to play rummy first. The steps are quite simple, but are important for you to know.

  1. A dealer is chosen at random for the first round. The dealer position is rotated amongst the players for the following rounds.
  2. The dealer will hand out the first cards, starting to their left, depending on the amount of players:
    1. 2 Players: 10 Cards
    2. 3 to 4 Players: 7 Cards
    3. 5 to 6 Players: 6 Cards
  3. The player to the left of the dealer will begin and is continued clockwise.
  4. You will start by drawing a card from the deck.
  5. You can then do the following:
    1. Meld the cards in your hand to create sequences/groups
    2. Laying off cards to add to melds on the table
    3. Discard a useless card
    4. Go out, or declaring Rummy
  6. Each player takes their turn doing the same, until one player goes out and calls rummy.

In order to call rummy and go out you must:

  • Meld all of your cards at once
  • Have at least one card in your hand (to discard)

Finding Rummy Betting Online

When you are looking to play rummy online for real money, you may want to try your luck at the various online casinos. However, when you do go to an online casino, you should do your research and make sure that it is a reputable and secure casino. You can also go to rummy specific websites, like RummyCircle, where they have the software specific for playing rummy.