How to Deposit Money from India for Online Betting

If you read forums for online betting in India, one of the most challenging aspects can be simply getting money onto betting sites. However, there is a simple work around to the problems most people face. You will find that most who experience problems attempt to make wire transfers or use credit cards directly with betting sites. It can be very frustrating when these methods do not work, or only work periodically with no predictable pattern. This guide is to help you deposit money from India onto online betting sites.

First we would like to compare the deposit options offered at our recommended online betting sites. The following comparison chart shows the average time frames for deposit, fees to deposit, various deposit minimums and maximums, as well as currencies available for each deposit method.

A common question with regard to depositing is,

“Is it possible to deposit using Indian Rupees”? The answer is, YES.

There are only a few reputable sites that accept INR, so your options are limited when choosing a site that accepts Indian rupees directly. However, the good news is our favorite site accepts Indian rupees. is our top pick for best all around betting site for India.

  1. Top Rated


    Payout Min Deposit ₹200
    Payout Min Deposit ₹200
    Bonus Payout 24 hrs
    Bonus Payout 24 hrs
  2. #2


    Payout Min Deposit ₹500
    Payout Min Deposit ₹500
    Bonus Payout 24 hrs
    Bonus Payout 24 hrs
  3. #3


    Payout Min Deposit ₹1,000
    Payout Min Deposit ₹1,000
    Bonus Payout 24 hrs
    Bonus Payout 24 hrs
  4. #4


    Payout Min Deposit ₹350
    Payout Min Deposit ₹350
    Bonus Payout 24 hrs
    Bonus Payout 24 hrs
  5. #5

    Royal Panda

    Payout Min Deposit ₹1,000
    Payout Min Deposit ₹1,000
    Bonus Payout 24 hrs
    Bonus Payout 24 hrs
How to Bet

They offer betting options for sports, casino, and poker. Their sports selections include a wide variety of cricket games (including Indian Premier League), horse racing, football, tennis, and more. They have a typical selection of casino games including roulette, slots, and blackjack. Their poker options offer a variety of games, including our favorite, Texas Hold ’em.

We recommend using an e-Wallet such as Neteller to deposit and withdraw using INR.

To learn more about INR and how to make deposits or withdrawals using e-wallets o gambling sites, visit our Indian Rupees guide.

Most Popular Deposit Option for India: E-Wallets

e-Wallet (#1 Recommended) – We have found this is the easiest way to deposit money from India.

e-Wallets are basically online bank accounts. Typically you will fund the ewallet using a bankwire, where the transaction will be directly to the specific e-wallet. Once funds are loaded onto the ewallet, you can deposit and withdraw from betting sites at your convenience. If you want to cash out completely, simply send a wire transfer back to your home bank account.

Another great thing about eWallets is that you can use them at non-betting online merchants as well.

All of the betting sites that we recommend accept e-Wallets. The most common are Neteller and Skrill (moneybookers), we recommend those ewallets to give you the most options when choosing betting sites that accept them. See our guide for ewallet deposits.

Benefits of Using Ewallets for Betting
  • More Reliable – One of the main reasons to use an e-wallet from India is its reliability. The other options available offer far lower success rates when depositing and withdrawing. Once you fund your ewallet account, depositing onto online betting sites is fast and easy. This makes the process far less tedious and frustrating. In short, it makes it more enjoyable.
  • More Funding Options– Most e-wallets allow several funding options, including credit cards, bank transfers, and some offer funding with checks by mail. This allows the greatest flexibility among all the options.
  • Better Privacy– When you make a deposit directly with a betting site, your credit card or bank statement will often show the name of the betting site with that transaction. E-wallets provide a layer of privacy for this because your credit card or bank statements will show only a transaction with the ewallet that you fund and not the betting site. This allows these transactions to be more confidential than more direct methods.
  • Shopping Odds and Bonuses– We often recommend opening accounts with more than one betting site. This allows you to shop various odds for sports betting, have access to a greater number of betting options, as well as give you the chance to shop for the best bonus offers. Using an e-wallet such as Neteller and Skrill gives you the option to quickly and safely transfer money between sites using your ewallet in order to get the best value for your deposit and bets.
  • Online Shopping– Since these e-wallets are used at online merchants and retailers in addition to betting sites, you can always use your winnings straight from your ewallet to purchase items online without having to deposit it back into your home bank account.
Drawbacks of Using Ewallets
  • Set up Process -Setting up an e-wallet can take several days to complete. Much of that time is waiting on verifications, so be prepared for the extra time to create your ewallet account before placing bets. However, after you set up your account, you will discover the time setting up the account was well worth it.
  • Fees – – There are fees associated with e-wallets. You will find that most betting sites do not charge fees, but the individual ewallets will have some transaction fees. If you fund your ewallet account using a credit card, the fee is usually between 1.75 and 1.9% of the transaction.

However, funding your ewallet by bankwire is usually FREE.

The fees to transfer money from your e-wallet back to your bank account are as follows:

Neteller charges roughly 7.5 EUR for withdrawals . Skrill offers a FREE option through SWIFT transfers, while checks are 194.25 INR, but will come in USD, GBP or EUR.

Other Deposit Options Available for India:
Credit and Debit Cards

This is the fastest way to deposit for most places around the world. This method is as simple as entering your credit card information into the required fields at the betting site, entering your desired amount of deposit and agreeing to the deposit.

However, due to restrictions within India, using this method can be hit or miss. It can be extremely frustrating to use. If using credit cards is a priority, we recommend using Indio Casino. They have the highest credit card acceptance for Indian players. Keep in mind, they only offer casino deposit options. So if betting on sports and poker is something you are interested in, we still recommend using ewallets. See our guide for credit card deposits.

Benefits: Fastest possible way to deposit money from India when available.

Drawbacks: They often do not work for Indian depositors making the process very unreliable and frustrating.



A bankwire is simply an electronic transaction between your bank and the site you wish to transfer money to. It requires several key pieces of information to initiate the wire. Including banking details of the receiving party that are available upon request.

However, similar to credit cards, using this method to deposit can be unreliable as banks in India will often not send money directly to betting sites.

In addition, there are usually high fixed fees to use this method. They can also take a long time, as many as 14 days to process the wire. Also, maximum for deposit is fairly low when using Indian Rupees (3 75 000 INR). In some cases, ewallets have higher maximum deposit amounts.  See our guide for bank wire deposits.

Benefits: They don’t hold any real advantage over the other methods when using INR. Some ewallets can offer higher transaction maximums, which is a usual benefit to using this method.

Drawbacks: High fixed fees and longer transaction times compared to other methods.