Basic Cricket Betting Strategy

Cricket, like any other sport, is not easy to bet and make a living on, but it isn’t impossible either. In fact – by just following a simple cricket betting strategy and not allowing emotions to get in the way anyone could make serious money out of betting cricket alone.

Here we will pin point those key areas every cricket bettor beginner should know like Value Betting, which online social tipsters to follow and which free software to use to perform data mining and evaluate your betting lines.

We’ve included the word ‘Basic’ in our title as we feel that the article will probably lean more towards those just starting out in the betting world.

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How to Bet

Tip #1: Open Several Bookmaker Accounts

Over the last decade or so the gambling industry as whole has really started to flourish. We now see dozens of bookmakers all working their backsides off to try and get you through their doors. While the number bookmakers has  increased, we have seen the quality of bookmakers continues to increase as well due to competition. The modern fleet of reputable bookmakers have lush designs, a plethora of sports and markets, along with enticing bonuses.

However, be  sure to only deposit with trusted betting sites for the Indian market. New sites come and go. While we are willing to give new sites a chance, it is best to stick with the betting sites with the best history.

The thing to really take from all this is that it should be a main priority to make sure that you utilize these bookmakers to their full potential. Don’t get us wrong, some are better than others, and by a long way, but very few are the complete package. While  one might be best priced on a certain game, they won’t be best priced on every game and the same goes for bonuses, they might be running a promotion on a certain market, but after that they become pretty much useless as competitors are doing a better job.

Reasons You Should Open Several Bookmakers Accounts

It’s always interesting to hear amateur bettors say that they don’t want to open too many accounts because they will get spammed or they don’t like having their card details all over the internet. Fair point! But, you can unsubscribe from newsletters at any point and there are e-wallets such as Neteller to ensure that the bookmaker never sees any bank details what so ever.

Expert’s Tip: we recommend opening a dedicated email account just for betting (registering at betting sites, ewallets, etc). This will ensure privacy as well as help to sort out the promotional offers from your personal email.

Compare this attitude to professional bettors, you know, the ones who are making hundreds of thousands each year from betting alone. They make it their job to have as many accounts as possible for the purpose of  Odds Value Hunting, the process of finding which bookmaker offers the best odds for a given match-up.

Having and using multiple betting accounts allows bettors  to get the  best bonus deals, best odds, best promotions and the VIP offers that helps towards their healthy profit margins each year. Besides, you can take advantage of all the first deposit match bonuses and begin with free money!

By opening up several bookmaker accounts you can make sure you are doing everything that you can to make the most money.

Tip #2: Data Mining Potential Picks With Online Tools and Cricket Betting Strategy Websites

The power of the internet now means that we can research pretty much anything before we commit to a bet. We can make sure that every detail has been taken into consideration before making our bet.

A tool that we love to use is Cricinfo and to be honest, this site is used for about 70% of our research. You can find out pretty much anything and everything you could ever wish to know about cricket on here with everything from form, player stats, averages, how teams perform at certain grounds, weather conditions, pitch conditions and even what they had for breakfast. OK, the last one is a fib, but you get the picture!

Stats are a huge part of cricket and as a result there is an extensive database of information to select from. Stats are obviously hugely important and you can interpret them as you wish, but one thing we will say is that don’t overlook pitch and weather conditions. Few sports are affected so greatly by both the weather and the inconsistencies of the playing surface than cricket. Playing a Test Match in Mumbai is going to worlds apart from playing a Test at Lord’s. It’s for this exact reason why is so important to interpret these stats and compare them to the conditions they are playing in.

Here are some useful links to data mine a match and individual players:

Cricinfo player stats – It offers statistics, averages and player profile along with recent news were you can spot injuries, when the player is at his best and when he is not. Make sure to evaluate past performances against the team he will be playing against, and also make a side research on the other players to evaluate which type of bet could be more valuable, a single To Win bet or a Player Bet?

Statsguru –  This tool is amazing and it will shorten your research procedure thanks to way it is organized. Simply select the parameters you are looking for and the online tool will filter stats of players, their position stats and against what team.

In the following example we compared India vs Australia, India playing at home for the last 10 years on Test Games and we want to find out information regarding “batting results” whenever India won a match.

We can then compare this info whenever they lost or tied the match and see if we can find a trend. You can perform the same practice for “best bowler” or “team” performance.

How to Use Data Mining to Handicap the Best Batsman

Sachin Tendulkar is widely regarded as one of the best batsman of all time. He retired with a staggering test average of over 53. But if you look a little closer he ‘struggled’ against teams such as Pakistan and South Africa, with an average of only 42 against each. The flip side is that he also averaged over 60 against Sri Lanka. As a result, whilst there is no doubt that Sachin would be a good bet as best batsman in any game, he is going to be a much better prospect in games that include Sri Lanka, whereas not as appealing against Pakistan and South Africa.

Nonetheless every batsman has its weakness, instead of focusing so much on his best stats try to look for the flaws and in which circumstances can they play against a batsman. Tendulkar has been regarded as the perfect player, but even him had flaws that pro handicappers came to notice over time and used on their cricket betting strategy, like this anonymous handicapper pointed out on Quora:

E.Prassana pointed out that because of Tendulkar’s ability to hit the ball straight, with heavy bat, and slightly on the rise at times, if not played on back foot, then, an Off Spinner can get him out caught and bowled. Saqlain exploited that weakness well of Tendulkar (again not all the time).

What we are trying to say is that a lot of stats on scratch the surface, especially things like player averages, you need to dig deeper to find the real value bets and this is where extended research really starts to come into play and will boost your bankroll no end.

Tip #3: Use Social Media to Follow Cricket Betting Strategy Tipsters and Track Their Bets

As you will likely well know, social media is now a huge part of most people’s daily life, whether you like it or not. Whilst we can certainly be doing without most of it, it does have its uses for cricket betting strategy. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow you to interact with professionals and even top cricket writers like never before. You can send off a Tweet to a former player, ask their opinion on something and whilst they might not reply, if they do they might be able to give you a little betting tip or nugget of information that previously you were unaware of.

Another thing that a lot of these ex and even current professionals do is promote articles or columns that they have written. Whilst these likely won’t be specifically targeted towards betting as such, it should allow you to see which way they think the tie will hinge. Bearing in mind, these are guys are involved with the sport, have played it at the highest level and this sort of information will be so much more valuable than following a random tipster from Twitter who just Tweets whatever they feel like in terms of tips.

The great thing about Twitter and Facebook is that you can see these guys tipping in real time and also follow said tips before signing up.

That being said, there are some good cricket tipsters out there offering up – mostly – free advice to their readers. You can see who’s successful and who’s not then follow who you like. We will say that you need to have some caution before re-mortgaging your house and follow their tips, but you can at least use them as a guide and there really is no substitute for doing your own research.

Best Twitter Cricket Tipster Accounts To Follow

Cricket Tipster | @Cricket_Tipster – Cricket Tipster has more than 3.5k followers and has been giving out cricket betting strategy tips since 2013. They bet on their own tips and constantly publish their profit/loss results with comments.

Ed Hawkins | @cricketbetting – Ed Hawkins is the acclaimed winning author of investigative journalism on sports betting. His book Bookie Gambler Fixer Spy, published in 2013 shook the grounds of cricket sport worldwide. Being a professional researcher places him on a nice spot to data mine the best possible bets in cricket. He is constantly tweeting about match game highlights and his personal picks to more than 7.4k followers.

Free Cricket Tips | @FreeCricketTips – This account has nearly 1k followers but gives out confidence as it publishes its personal bets with screen shots included. You might want to monitor and follow to evaluate its success rate.

Youtube Cricket Tipsters

Youtube is also a valuable source of information to spot great betting opportunities in cricket. Twitter is best for live information while Youtube tipsters make a broader analysis of possible value bets for the week. Just search for the game you want to handicap.

Tip#4: Properly Manage Your Bankroll

This is a really important factor for all types of betting, including cricket. We aren’t going to go into massive detail or even tell you how much you should be betting exactly but one thing we will say is that you should be looking at your individual bets  as money that you can afford and are happy to lose. You will find that the majority of your bets will actually lose, that’s pretty much part and parcel of the betting industry. Then how are pro bettors making a living?

Pro Bettors stay away from uncertain bets, wager small on most matches and place a big bet on a well handicapped games.

This way a big win with high probabilities of winning can outrank multiple losses of small bets.    Money management  and a stable bankroll make sure that when you do lose a bet, you will be able to recover with a profit. At the end money management is more important than winning bets. The bankroll amount is a massively personal thing. Some people may agree to place 50 units per week and others may say their limit is 50,000 units per week, it’s all relative to how often you can top your bankroll up should you fall below a certain limit. If you are a beginner start low to test your cricket betting strategy, ask yourself why are you doing this, for the passion of betting or greed?

Knowing when to stop is more important than when to start – Pro bettor Wayne Allen

Know the 3-5% rule

This means that we never wager more than 3-5% of our bankroll on any one bet. This may sound conservative but it allows us to not go broke and secondly, not having to keep reloading your account. We’ve found that this allows us to take shots at bigger bets when/if we feel needed and also to keep under control when there is a potential downswing. Make a 1% to 3% bet on games were things are not fully clear but tilted to your side, and 5% wagers on the best odds of winning.

How to Structure a Winning Bet using Cricket Betting Strategy

One thing we often get asked is how we go about making our selections for our cricket bets. It’s a tough one to answer and one that has many steps. We have written this article to try and make it easier for you to follow the steps we take for each and every bet we make.   All of the information that we provide is free to use, as are the tools we use to make our selections, so bookmark this website to gain some edge.

One thing we will mention is that we highly recommend applying as much as time as you can spare to form your bets. We realize that this time will vary between each of you but even if you just have 5-10 minutes a day or several hours, this article should help you in some way. In that sense we can aid by pointing out the do’s and don’ts of betting cricket, these are the building stones fo a successful betting career.

Value Betting On Cricket

Value betting is simply the process of finding bets were you got pretty good paying odds and your chances of winning are actually higher than what the oddsmaker is thinking. This happens because the odds are determined more by the mainstream crowd who pours bets without handicapping matches beforehand. Your goal is to find those games that are undervalued and bet hard on them. More on Value Betting on our next tip.

Tip #5: Select The Betting Line With The Most Value

Bookmakers offer several types of bets for cricket, this is probably the first port of call when making our selections as we try to decide what kind of bets we want to include through the day. With cricket betting the majority of our bets will be singles due to the nature of sport and the amount of matches  being played.

That being said, once we have spent time looking through possible selections we often find that maybe a double, treble or even an accumulator bet would provide the best possible bet type for that day, this is what bettors call a Value Bet and it is determined by making your very own betting lines.

Isolate 2 value games out of 50 to bet on – Pro bettor Wayne Allen

The main thing to do  is to be flexible in the bets you want to place. There have been countless times where we have gone out and said that we are looking for 5 potential single bets for that day and after several hours of research we have only found one. Conversely, there have also been times where we have decided to include more bets than this or even a multiple bet as well.

If you take a bet on a team just because it is on TV that is the dumbest bet ever, you are in fact an idiot. – Pro bettor Wayne Allen

There are other more common types of bets in cricket  like Best Batsman, Best Bowler and Man of the Game. Which type of bet you select will depend on the money line you have built after your selection, the highest value bet will be the bet of the day.

Tip #6: Select Game Format

Next thing we do is choose the format of game we want to bet on. This might be Test match, ODI, Twenty20 or other formats.

There are usually a huge range taking place around the world and we feel that the game types that are ‘in season’ tend to be the matches we will target, due to the information that’s readily available.

For example, if the IPL was in full swing then we would pretty much solely concentrate on that tournament or if a Test Series was taking place, then this would our first port of call.

What we find is that we tend to get our eye in more with one format over another. So when the Twenty20 games are all taking place its often easier to just stick with that format as you can make your selections easier than flicking between that and a Test Match.

This is a personal preference of course, but it’s what works for us.

Tip #7: Match Selection for Your Betting Line

Scroll through the games that are taking place during the day; see if anything initially jumps out in terms of value. Generally the range of markets on offer for each game won’t be too overwhelming. Shifting through 20 or so betting markets should be reasonably manageable. A quick browse of what’s going on and then a look at the prices involved will allow you to get to the next steps much quicker.

A note on this part of our outline is that we will only use a particular bookmaker for the time being to find out which games or markets we want to target. We do massively encourage the use of multiple bookmakers for betting on cricket, but this will be more apparent later in our cricket betting strategy.

Check the social media buzz, blogs and what the media is talking about.

Once we have the bets we fancy, it’s time to research and weigh these picks.

You can’t win with quantity, you can only win with quality.

Tip #8: Hunting The Best Odds for The Best Value

Once you are comfortable with your selections, its time to see if the odds price holds any value. You need to note which have potential and which bets are stronger. Then,  go to your bookmaker to see the odds and decide if it will be worthwhile.

Bookmark our Homepage to your browser Toolbar to easily check on the best odds oddsmakers.

Stop by our main cricket page to check for the best odds on our live cricket odds table on upcoming games.  We can’t help but stress how important this step is as it could potentially make you an extra 10%.

If the market that you want to bet on is not available, it’s back to manual leg work. Go check individual bookmakers to see the price on offer.

Tip #9: How to Apply a Winning Cricket Betting Strategy

After you’ve exhausted all the information available it’s time to pull the trigger and make your bet. This is often the hardest part of the process but it’s one in which you should be most confident about.

As long as you are sure your bets are well researched, there’s little more you can really do.

Do not get too hung up on the result of your bet. This may sound strange, but at times your bet WILL lose. And it’s something that you must learn to live with.

One technique to master is placing In-Live bets during the game; this is specialy true on cricket more than any other sport.

How to Maximize Profits With Cricket Betting Strategy

The objective of a cricket betting strategy is to make money. This is true for any type of betting but it’s also one of hardest things to do as well.

One of the best things about betting on the sport these days is the plethora of information online. As online databases become more advanced, you will start to see different stats. This offers a huge range of markets and leagues to bet on; rather than simply just guessing which team or market to bet on. You can spend hours or even days just researching one match to see where the value lies.

As we have mentioned, the never ending number of variables means that making selections is tough. If you are starting out betting on cricket do not worry about things you can’t control. Instead, focus on team form, player form and stats that are relevant to each game.

These are essentially stats that are set in stone for that game, there’s no getting away from them; and they will likely provide you a much easier nurture into the world of cricket betting strategy.