Online Horse Racing from India

Online Betting on horses from India

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Being 100% honest about it, many firms offer similar products and all are very keen to get your business. It is that determination to attract new customers that can be very much to punters’ benefit as firms offer special deals and bonuses to anyone opening a new account.

Sometimes they will offer free bets that are activated once you deposit or bet a certain amount, and on other occasions they might offer attractive odds enhancements during your first period betting with the new site.

There are a variety of different factors that need to be weighed when choosing which betting site best suits your needs.

Betting from India presents a few unique criteria to consider including, sites that accept Indian Rupees. As well as finding a site that offers bets on races held in India.

We have taken the time to find the best sites to bet on online horse races for India.


RaceBets is a site dedicated only to racing, including greyhounds and various types of horse racing. Users from India are accepted and can bet on any race around the world: UK, USA, Australia, Japan, etc. However, what truly sets Racebets apart from other sites is their offering of Indian horse races at tracks such as Mumbai, Mysore, and more! They do not currently accept INR directly, but we recommend depositing GBP with Neteller or Skrill.

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Betway is a great choice for online horse racing. They offer events from all over the world including the UK, Europe, USA and more. They also accept INR directly for deposit.

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Betfair is the largest and most used odds exchange in the world aside from being a sportsbook, it is a great addition to your horse betting portfolio. While we recommend Racebets and Betway first, Betfair accepts Indian players and is a valid option to trade odds instead of simply betting on them. Pro bettors enjoy its InPlay capabilities.

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Tips for  Betting on Horse Racing Online

Horse Racing Betting Online

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1. Open Accounts at Several Betting Sites

The best advice, as with any product, is to shop around and find the best deal that suits your betting needs.  Even though India only has 3 good sites to bet horses online, I would tell you to have an account with every one of them.

It is also worth mentioning that more serious punters make a point of opening a number of different accounts so they can take advantage of price differentials between betting firms that, in some instances, price horses up according to their own opinions.

It is therefore not unusual to see many firms offering 4/1 about a particular horse, yet another firm might bet 5/1 about the same horse.

How frustrating would it be if you didn’t have the opportunity to bet at 5/1 and had to take 4/1 – a 25% lower offer – because you don’t have an account with the firm offering the biggest price in the market?

2. The Best Betting Site is the One You Like

Another point to consider is the look and feel of the betting website. It is amazing how some styles of website suit one group of punters while others will look elsewhere. The words ‘user friendly’ are key, but it is often hard to define quite what one punter enjoys about one site that another punter finds off-putting. Again, it is worth taking a good look around at a range of different sites and deciding for yourself which you feel most comfortable with.

3. Look for Sites that Offer Analysis, Stats, and Form

You may take the view that not only do you want to be able to bet at best available odds on a betting company’s website, but it would also help if there were news and information reports within the site as well, together with detailed race cards offering reliable and easy-to-use form guides that help you in your quest to find winners. The option to watch the races live or listen live via Internet radio is also another important factor in choosing with which site to open a new account.

4. Consider How Important Betting in Indian Rupees Is to You

For punters based in India, for example, there are specific considerations that should be kept  in mind. If you want to bet in Indian rupees and not with other international currencies, then Betway is best site that will accept bets in Indian Rupees. For some punters this is a significant incentive to bet with Betway. However, if you want to bet on horse races held in India, Racebets  is the only reputable site to offer these odds, but they do not accept Indian rupees. This is where opening multiple accounts can also be beneficial. You can bet using Indian Rupees at Betway for international horse races, and use Racebets strictly for betting on Indian tracks.

Read more about why we recommend betting with Indian Rupees when possible.  

5. Bet on Races Held at Indian Tracks

Equally, for those wanting to try their luck on the local races in India, and not just international racing in the UK, France, the US, or Australia, for example, offer odds for a range of well-known Indian horse racing tracks, including at Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Mysore, in fact on just about all the regular Indian horse racing tracks throughout the year.

Final Guidance

In summary, take the opportunity to have a good look around and choose which betting site suits you best, and search around for the best offers in the marketplace seeking to attract new account holders. As mentioned above, your betting needs might very well be best served if you have a number of different accounts available to you.