How to Withdraw from Betting Sites

As mentioned in our guide for depositing funds into betting sites from India, getting money to and from betting sites in India can be challenging, however, we have created this guide to help you do just that. While it can be difficult using traditional methods like credit cards and wire transfers, we have found e-wallets to be a solution that allows for a near perfect success rate when depositing and withdrawing with online betting sites from India.

Withdrawal Options for India

e-Wallets (#1 Recommended) – You will find throughout this site that we recommend using e-Wallets when betting from India. They are far more reliable than using any other method. They do take some time to set up, mainly waiting on verification, and there are some small transactions costs, but it is time and money well spent.

As you can see, Neteller is the only ewallet that is universally accepted for deposit AND withdrawal in India and most other countries. This makes banking with different betting sites extremely convenient. In addition, Neteller offers competitive fees, excellent funding options, and helpful customer support. Neteller is the most popular ewallet among our visitors.

Credit and Debit Cards –  This method is typically only available if you made your initial deposit with a credit card. However, as you might already know, using credit cards in India for online betting can be very difficult given low or varied acceptance rates. It can be just as difficult to withdraw funds with as it is to deposit.

Bankwire –  Bankwires are similar to credit cards in that their dependability can vary. There are also typically high fixed fees for using bankwire, making it less attractive to smaller stakes depositors. They can also take a long time to complete, in some cases it can take 2 to 4 weeks to complete a withdraw with bankwires.