Playing at Online Casinos from India

Are you looking for trusted online casinos that accept Indian players? You have found the right place. We constantly search for trustworthy online casinos that accept Indian players; and we have the best options available.

On this page you will find our top recommended casinos, as well as tips for what to look for when choosing where to deposit and play for real money.

While we prefer sites that accept Indian Rupees directly, the top two standards we look for are 1. those who openly accept customers from India, as well as 2. those who have a good reputation for paying players and running fair games and odds on their casino sites.

How to choose online casinos

How to Bet

In the global online casino industry, estimated to be worth over $10 billion, there are thousands of online casinos. Some of them are run by major operators, while others are small, independent, stand-alone sites.

All of them have one objective – to attract players to their sites, get them to play the games in the casino lobby and spend a good part of their bankroll.

As an online casino player, you have the upper hand. Competition is tough among online casinos and you can shop around to find the best site for you; one that will:

  • give you good value for money
  • keep your information and money safe
  • provide hours of entertainment

But how do you go about choosing the right online casino, especially since all of them tend to offer you the world and back? How can you identify which online casinos are really the best for you?

1. Read reviews of online casinos

The first thing you can do to help you wade through all the marketing hype and promises made by online casinos is read what others have to say about the site. Look around for a good gambling portal where the reviews are objective, and see what the reports are like. If the casino is a rogue site that has scammed players, the chances are very good that you’ll hear about it. If the service is a little off, if the bonuses aren’t quite what were promised or if the games were mediocre, you’ll hear about that too.  On the flip side, if the online casino is a solid site, offering you good deals and an excellent games selection, you’ll be sure to learn about that at the gambling portal as well.

Reading reviews about online casinos also allows you to learn a bit about the sites available out there without the need to access every single site. At a glance, you can see whether a site suits you and your gaming style, providing you with a snapshot of the casino’s main features and allowing you to sort according to your preference of software providers, games or bonus types.

2. Define your needs

Accepts Indian Rupee

Not all online casinos are suited to all players. One of the first steps you can take when choosing an online casino is determining whether the site is geared for you as a player. Some online casinos, for example, do not allow players from India (and other locations from around the world) to open an account and play. Obviously, this will rule out playing at the site from step one. There are only a few reputable casinos that offer deposits in Indian Rupees, Betway Casino and Royal Panda. We recommend using betting sites that accept Indian rupees primarily because it is easier to use. I like seeing my bets in Rupees, and banking in Rupees. It also saves you on exchange rates if you use the same currency throughout the process.

Deposit methods

Once you have determined that the online casino is compatible to your geographic location, you will need to check whether the payment methods supported by the site are suitable for you.   It is no use choosing to open an account at a specific casino, only to find out that it doesn’t support a particular method of your choice that will allow you to withdraw your winnings. A quick look at the banking/cashier/payment page at the online casino will show you a list of banking methods supported – not only for depositing but also for withdrawing funds.

Casino game selection

Game selection among the casinos we recommend are very similar. There are occasionally some differences, but it is important to look for casinos that offer a good selection, including those games that you are most interested in, whether it be blackjack, slots, roulette, video poker, etc.

Mobile betting

Another thing to look at is how you intend playing the games at the online casino. If you mainly use your mobile device, such as your iPad or smart phone to play casino games, make sure that the online casino is compatible to your device. You can easily mobile casino on your mobile phone.

3. Casino licensing and regulations

A good indicator that an online casino is one that is worth a second look is if it is licensed and regulated. Serious operators take their industry reputations seriously and will do all they can to ensure that players feel safe and protected at their sites. One way to do this is to strive for transparency, good industry conduct and accountability. Many of the very best online casinos are regulated by top gambling jurisdictions in the world and are answerable to the gambling authorities are these areas.

4. User information safety and security

Good online casinos go that extra mile to ensure that players’ personal and financial details are kept private and safe. Playing for real money online may bring hours of fun, but financial transactions are serious business, and players should make sure that they are transferring their funds to sites that are safe and have a good industry reputation.

Good online casinos have the very last word in internet security so that all data is protected. Winner Casino, for example uses TST (Technical Systems Testing), an internationally recognized firm that carries out independent test to make sure that the highest standards of fairness and accuracy in casino games are upheld at all times.

In addition, good online casinos have a sound privacy policy in place, where they promise not to share your personal details with a third party without your express permission, and not to send spam to your email account.

5. Games and software used by online casinos

Another good indicator that an online casino is worth doing business with is the name of its software provider i.e. the operator which supplies the games to the site.

There are several excellent software providers in the business, and you will soon learn to identify their names. Look out for sites powered by companies such as Playtech (provider of games to, Indio Casino and Winner Casino) and stick to these casinos as a rule of thumb. Playtech, for example, is a public listed company which trades on the London Stock Exchange, and is therefore answerable to its stockholders.

The company would not partner with rogue online casinos that could damage its industry reputation, and will therefore only sign supply deals with good casinos with a solid reputation.

Better the software, better the fun

A natural result of choosing an online casino that is powered by an excellent software company is the fact that you have access to hundreds of marvellous games. You will be able to play all types of slots, from classic to progressive slot games, as well as card and table games (blackjack, roulette, video poker and more). The quality of games offered by the online casino will undoubtedly affect the site you choose to play; but even more important is the fact that the games suit your particular gaming style.

If you’re a slots person, you will choose a site that offers a great range of online slot games. But if you prefer table games, you will obviously stick to sites that offer a large number of these types. The ideal scenario would be to find casinos that offer different variants of these games and at different skill levels. You can then swap and change according to your mood. A site that offers games at different skill levels and wagering limits allows you to move up from beginner to more advanced levels, and from budget gaming to high roller wagering at your own pace.

Also look out for online casinos that offer you the opportunity to play their games for free. This is an excellent way to try out the software and the games it offers without denting your bankroll. The good news is that the majority of good sites allow free casino gaming and even encourage it.

6. Bonuses and rewards

There is no denying that one of the main advantages of playing at online casinos is that you put yourself in line to win money while enjoying top notch gaming action. While your main objective is to have fun at the casino, winning could be a fantastic perk. Good online casinos will offer their players rewards and bonuses to not only attract them to open an account at the site, but also to ensure that they stay as regular players.

Choose online casinos that offer bonuses and rewards that can help inflate your bankroll and contribute towards your time at the site so that you can spend longer playing the games.

7. Customer support at online casinos

Something that could make or break your online casino experience is customer support. A good online casino will offer you a good team of workers who are available around the clock to give you fast, professional and friendly service on any matter. Whether you want to know about the latest bonus, or you are unsure about the rules of a specific game, the customer support team will be able to help you at any time of the day or night.   Look out for online casinos that offer you the chance to reach their team through various mediums. Indio Casino, for example, operates a 24/7 service and support line through toll free phone, toll free fax, email or live chat via the casino interface. Indian players also enjoy a free call back service.

Casino Bonuses

There is no denying that one of the main advantages of playing at online casinos is that you put yourself in line to win money while enjoying top notch gaming action. While your main objective is to have fun at the casino, winning could be a fantastic perk. Good online casinos will offer their players rewards and bonuses to not only attract them to open an account at the site, but also to ensure that they stay as regular players.

Choose online casinos that offer bonuses and rewards that can help inflate your bankroll and contribute towards your time at the site so that you can spend longer playing the games.

Online Casino Sites

We have devoted a lot of time and energy to finding the best online casino sites in India for the customers. There are many sites that accept customers from India, but there are only a few that we trust with our money. This page allows you to compare these sites side by side to figure out which ones are right for you. Below you will find our guide that shows you bonus information, betting, and banking options.

You can check our review of Bet365Betway & Bodog. After checking the reviews, you can go with the online casino site that suits best according to your requirements.

You can play Indian casino in Indian Rupees (India’s currency).

Online Casino Games

Online casinos provide the same games and opportunities to win serious cash as land-based casinos. But they do have a broader game range and bigger jackpot games. You can check out some reviews on the most popular games that come under online casino and you can give that a read before deciding which one you will play first.

  1. Blackjack
  2. Roulette
  3. Rummy
  4. Slots
  5. Live Dealer

There a lot of other online casino games available as well.

What to avoid while searching online casinos

Take into account a few points that send off warning signals about a site.

  1. Avoid online casinos that haven’t been around for a long time. New and untested sites could be fine but with so many great online casinos around, why bother trying out new ones that haven’t yet developed a sound reputation? Stick to those which have proven themselves.
  2. Online casinos that promise you the world should be approached warily. Many good casinos actually do bring you much bigger rewards than your typical land-based casino; but remember, if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is untrue. Also, take a few minutes a check out the bonus offer’s terms and conditions. It is easy to promise a big bonus, but if you will never meet the wagering requirements due to unrealistic numbers put out by the casino, then there is no use signing up with the site in the first place.
  3. First impressions are very important and that goes for online casinos as well. The landing page of an online casino needs to include vital information; these include software, bonuses, licensing details and so forth. It should also be easy to navigate. You should not have to wade through endless marketing hype to reach the links you want. If the website offers scant information, or if you don’t find the details you need or the games you want to play in a simple and convenient manner, move on. Beware of sites that use unknown software providers, that have more than the usual typos in their texts, or those that support strange payment methods and so forth.
  4. Most importantly, trust your gut. There is no shortage of well-known, industry-reputable online casinos that have been well reviewed and received by your peers.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Casino Betting in India