Speed Poker – Play Fast-Paced Online Poker Games

Speed Poker for India online

If you haven’t heard about an exciting form of online poker called Speed Poker, then you must have been hiding under a rock.

Hopefully this article will shed some light on this relatively new poker variant.

Where to Play Speed Poker

Betfair accepts Indian players and host sspeed poker games. Betfair is a big player that although its main market is still sports betting and betting exchange, it hosts an amazing online casino and poker games.

Surely there are other sites that focus solely on poker and are also international players, but those are also the sites more poker pros like to hunt for fresh meat. The sites we mention here are specifically recommended for the India market, not only for Indian player acceptance and the availability of deposit options like Neteller, but because these sites are less popular with the pros.

This leaves a fresh market of newbies ready to be eaten by more experienced players like yourself. And if you are not one yet then continue reading all the tips and know-how a player must master before playing with skill.


Betfair offers Speed Poker a long with other poker games like freerolls, tournaments and heads-up. The bet exchange does not fall short with casino games or sports betting opportunities. Users from India are accepted using Neteller, Skrill or credit cards.

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How to Adjust to Speed Poker

The main difference between Speed Poker and regular cash games is the pace of the game. Speed Poker was first introduced by one poker site and it quickly spread out as a popular game style on all poker sites. The new fast-fold online poker game called Rush Poker was billed as “the world’s fastest poker game”. This is because you can play up to four times more hands per hour, so you’re always involved in the action.

How is that possible?

It’s possible because when you fold your hand, you’ll be instantly taken to a new table and dealt another hand, so there is no waiting around between hands. The “Speed Fold” option means you won’t even need to wait for the action to get to you before folding and getting moved to another table.

Unlike traditional cash game tables, you’re not playing against the same opponents every hand. When you join a Speed Poker game, instead of sitting down at one table, you will join a player pool for a specific stakes level, and face a different set of opponents every hand that you play.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the game makes it an extremely exciting form of poker to play. Many online poker sites came up with their own fast-fold poker games once they saw how popular this format had become. Speed Poker and its variations such as Zoom Poker or Rush Poker have now become one of the most popular games across all the major poker sites.

The interesting thing about playing Speed Poker cash games is that unlike normal ring games, there is no way to create a table image, because you are constantly changing tables. So, if you’re playing very tight your opponents won’t notice it, and you can’t use this to bluff more.

Similarly, if you’re playing a more loose aggressive style and winning a lot of pots uncontested, others won’t notice and you can’t use this to make it easier for you to get paid off. In other words, every hand is played in a vacuum, because for the most part you will be playing against a bunch of new players every hand.

If you’ve previously been playing regular cash games and just started getting into the fast-fold action of Speed Poker, you’ll quickly discover that the table dynamics are not the only notable difference between the two formats.

One of the huge advantages of playing Speed Poker games is the ability to play more hands and all this without having to take up additional space on your monitor, since you’re always seated at a single table. When multi-tabling normal cash games, you’re required to tile/cascade tables in order to fit all of them on the screen.

Also, fish like playing hands and hence gravitate towards Speed Poker, which makes up for the fact that it can be more difficult getting reads on opponents. With that being said, both Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker HUDs are supported when playing on the Speed Poker tables, which should make it easier to get some form of a read on players. If you are still new at poker player styles read our guide to understand how to use it in the game.

Speed Poker is Ideally Suited for Mobile Play

Mobile casino poker promotions india

Because of the fast-paced nature of Speed Poker games, it’s suitable for those who want to play cash games, but only have a limited amount of time. This also makes it a great online poker game to play on a mobile/tablet.

If you’re based in India, then make sure you check out the Speed Poker games available at Betfair. Both Indian-friendly online poker rooms are on the iPoker network as you know, and there is always plenty of action across the different Speed Poker games.

Betfair was able to introduce a mobile version of Speed Poker, which is compatible on almost every mobile device including the iPhone, iPad and Android. The Winner Poker mobile app is virtually identical to the Betfair app and also lets you play Speed Poker games on smartphones/tablets.

This is all fantastic news for mobile poker players who want more action but have limited amount of screen space. It negates the fact that there isn’t any kind of multi-tabling support with the Betfair Mobile apps, or for most real money mobile poker apps for that matter.

Managing Your Bankroll for Speed Poker Games

Just make sure you have a big enough bankroll to play the stakes of Speed Poker you want to play.  For example, if you were playing NL Hold’em Speed Poker at the €0.50/€1 stakes level, your bankroll should be at least €2,000. The lowest Speed Poker stakes you can play is €0.02/€0.05, which is a good place to start for new poker players. There are 5 steps you must take to manage your bankroll, master them.

So what are you waiting for?

You should try the new fast-paced action of Speed Poker and see if it lives up to the hype!

Whether you’re playing Speed Poker on a desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet, it’s a fantastic way to clear online poker bonuses as fast as possible while having a blast at the same time!