Play Money Vs Playing Real Money Poker


One of the big advantages of playing online poker is that sites accepting Indians offer both ‘Play Money’ and ‘Real Money’ gaming options for players to choose from.

This article will look at the distinction between play money and real money poker games, and answer a few important concerns you may have.

Play Money Poker –  Learning the Basics

Many poker players get their start playing poker at the practice or ‘play money’ tables.

Once you login in to the poker lobby, you will find that there is usually a ‘Play Money’ tab to navigate between the different practice play games.

Of course, anyone can play at the play money tables. If you haven’t already got play chips, you’ll just need to reload your poker account with play money chips to be able to participate in these games.

The play money poker games can be a lot of fun and can be a decent tool for learning the software and basic rules of the poker games you’re interested in, especially games like Omaha which can be a little confusing at first if you’re only familiar with Texas Hold’em.

The software is exactly the same software used to power the cash games you can play within the same poker client, so once you familiarize yourself with all the different betting options, you’ll be ready to jump right into the real money action if you so desire.

With that being said, though, poker at its core is a game of risk and reward, and coming up with the best decisions based on the limited amount of information available to you. If you’re not risking anything, then it completely changes the dynamics of the game, so the play money tables offered in the lobby fail to emulate real cash poker games in many ways.

As a result, play money poker isn’t really a good way to learn poker. You really need to play with real money if you want to play anything that resembles playing real poker, even if it’s at the micro-stakes.

Even if it’s not a lot of money, you won’t see many players going all-in with any two random cards just hoping to catch something like you’ll see at the play money tables. With nothing to lose, of course players are going to monkey around at the play money tables going All-In every single time.

Don ´t fear losing your account by going live right away, keep your wagers low and stay away from bullies at the tables by analyzing a few rounds before jumping in. It is always useful to follow these 6 quick tips for online poker beginners.

Real Money Poker – Making the Adjustment

Although most online poker players get their feet wet playing for fun at the practice money tables, it usually isn’t very long before they venture over to play some real money poker games. Simply click on the ‘Real Money’ tab in the lobby, and a list will open in a window displaying all the real money tables you can play.

With so many real money poker games running around the clock, you’ll want to make use of the filter system you’re presented with to only show the games you’re interested in playing.

One obvious difference between play money versus real money poker games is that in order to play for money, you must make a deposit onto the online poker room. Once you deposit funds into your player account, the deposit will be credited instantly and the funds will show in your real money balance.

This is essentially your poker bankroll, which can be used to play in any real money games on the site. As you clear the welcome bonus that you received when you deposited, it gets released in increments into your real money balance to play with. Our guide for understanding poker bonuses will come in handy at this point.

Some poker players are reluctant to play with actual money due to a lack of credible information, but their fears about playing real money poker are unsubstantiated so long as you play at reputable poker sites.


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Is Playing Real Money Online Poker Risky?

Well, let’s answer this by dispelling a few myths on this topic.

One of the common myths held by many novice poker players is that internet poker sites are rigged to maximize profits.

Players can rest assured that any reputable poker site like Betway will not be rigged. In fact, all legitimate real money poker sites are tested and approved for fairness by third party agencies like TST (Technical Systems Testing).

Any respectable online poker room accepting Indian players is not going to risk ruining their reputation by rigging games to potentially “make more rake” or any other reason for that matter.

The truth of the matter is that you only hear such claims from losing players who are looking to place the blame on someone else instead wanting to admit that perhaps they aren’t that good at poker.

Indians can protect themselves by carefully researching different poker sites they intend to sign up for real money poker, and making sure the random number generator used for its games is certified by a respected auditing agency.

Another one of the myths going around is that internet poker sites are full of bots and cheaters. It is true that cheating does occur in online poker, wherever there is potential for one to profit there will be people trying to take advantage of others.

When playing online poker, this can happen in the form of collusion and bot play, but all of the top poker sites have sophisticated ways of detecting collusion between players, as well as the usage of bots using extensive tools behind the scenes.

Those players who are caught using these prohibited tactics on poker sites will quickly have their winnings confiscated and will be banned from playing at the site permanently. Any associated winnings is usually then distributed back to the affected players that had been cheated.

Although these issues are a legitimate concern due to the anonymous nature of playing real money online poker games, most people will not cheat because they know it’s wrong. Furthermore, if players suspect cheating is taking place, they can get in touch with the customer support at the poker site to make them aware about their concerns.


Play money poker games serve a purpose for getting used to the software of the poker room, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously. If you are looking to mix things up a little bit and wanting to play a new poker variant like Badugi, you can hit up the play money tables first, so you can get used to the game rules, what hands tend to win, etc.

Just don’t think beating the play money poker games will mean that you’ll immediately start crushing the real money games! Having actual money on the table will mean that players will take the game more seriously. If you’re looking to improve your game and profit from poker, then nothing can replace good old fashioned real money poker.

At the real money tables, actual poker is being played, and you get to test your skills against other real money players. If you’re new to the world of real money poker games, you should start out at the micro limit tables.

Most online poker rooms accepting Indian players have table stakes as low as $0.01/$0.02 for NLHE cash games. And if you’re ever feeling a bit tilted on the real money games you’re playing, switch over to the play money games to vent off your frustration without spewing any more of your bankroll.

*Want some more edge when playing poker? Do not focus only in building up your skills, develop a poker strategy as well.