Sucker Bets – The Worst Odds at a Casino

casino sucker bets the worst type of betsEvery casino player should understand that the  house (ie. casino operator) designs games to hold an advantage over the player.

The reasons are simple – the games, whether slots, blackjack or roulette, etc. have been designed along a mathematical formula so that the odds, over a long period of time, always favor the house. This is certainly justified, because casinos need to stay in business and to do so, they need to turn a profit.

So you may be thinking to yourself: Well, if the house always wins, does it really matter which games I play and how I play them? Shouldn’t I just head into any casino and start playing whichever games catch my eye?

The answer to the first question is Yes and the answer to the second question is No.

Even though the house “always wins”, it is important to remember that this fact applies over a long period of time.  And while  every game favors the house, there are some bets that give the house a much larger advantage than others even if you are playing a game that generally has  a lower house edge.

Let’s first discuss what we mean by the  house edge. Also known as the Grind.

What is the Casino House Edge?

Every game and bet involve  a house edge. The only way to tilt the odds in your favor is  if you literally cheat the casino like the 7 most  famous casino cheats.

However, for the rest of us, we are left with the reality that the casino has to make money to stay in business and it does this by paying a little less than the  real odds of a particular outcome. A zero house edge would mean that a casino would pay even to the actual odds of the event.

For example, if there were a game where you could bet heads or tails for a coin flip, and the casino paid  1:1 on the outcome. Where each outcome is 50/50. Over time, neither the house nor the player would hold an advantage. If the same bet were wagered ten thousand times, the player would be roughly even with the house on wins and losses. So, to gain an advantage over the player, the casino will pay less than the real odds of the outcome. In this case, the casino might pay 0.9:1 (or 9:10) instead of 1:1 .

If you were to play this game 100 times and bet 1 unit per trial, you would bet a total of 100, but only receive back 95 (1.9 x 50) for the roughly 50 times you won of the 100 (assuming normal distribution). This reveals  a house edge of 5%.

This is why European roulette has 37 total slots, 36 red and black numbers and 1 green slot, but only pays out 35:1 giving the house a 5.4% advantage for single number bets. A zero house advantage would require a  payout of 37:1.

As stated before, the house edge can vary from game to game. You will tend to find a larger  house edge at games of chance as compared to games of skill. In addition, at games of skill, it is possible to improve your odds by playing better strategy as compared to random choices, or make your odds worse by playing haphazardly.

*If you desire to understand the math involved  in casino mathematics, The Center for Gaming Research UNLV [1] of the United States studies deeply how the systems work.

Games of Chance

Games of chance are those that do not give the player an opportunity to  lower the house advantage in any way using any amount of skill. Games that fall into this category include slot machines, keno, roulette and craps. Many of the worst bets that can be made are found on games of chance.

Games of Skill

Skill online casino games in India

In the context of casino games, these are games that have the potential to alter the house edge and bring them down to near even odds if you apply a certain amount of skill factors.

By learning a particular strategy, you could shift the house edge significantly.

The games that make up this selection involve blackjack, video poker, Pai Gow and Caribbean Stud. Following we will analyze the odds of winning each.

Take the game of blackjack, for example – if you play it with a single card deck and learn the basic strategy (ie. when to hit, stand, fold or stay), there is practically no advantage for the house. According to the Center for Gaming Research , if the same player played the same game of blackjack but did not apply the basic strategy, the house edge would climb to 2%.

However, a more true form of skill game when it comes to betting are poker  or sports betting on cricket, football or horse racing,  all of which we cover in this site.

Poker is definitely the casino game were players have the biggest edge, as they winning odds are mostly tipped over their playing skills. If what you as a player are looking for the casino game were you can have both fun and a consistent winning average, poker is your game. If you are a beginner we have 6 poker tips for you to begin playing with an edge.

Now that we have clarified the difference between games of chance and games of skill, and without further delay, let us look at the worst online casino games with the best odds and then the bets that players can place at the casino in various games and see how bad the odds really are. This is our list of the casinos that have the best odds.

Worst Casino Bets or Sucker Bets

Keno – #1 Worst Odds!

bet365 keno odds to win at a casino IndiaSucker Bet (house edge):  Any bet  (25%)

Keno is hugely popular among players because it reminds them of games such as satta matka  and other lottery games.

These games are simple to play and their results are instant. If you happen to win even a tiny amount at the lottery, scratch card games or keno, you’ll be instantly gratified. But beware this heady rush.

Although the odds change from casino to casino, it is not uncommon for the house edge to run as high as 25% in some forms of keno.

Most agree that odds in keno are pretty poor and, while the game is highly entertaining, you shouldn’t expect to win big – if at all.


5 number bet roulette odds to win at a casino IndiaSucker Bet (house edge): American Roulette (5.26%) compared to European Roulette (2.7%), 5 number bet (7.89%)

Roulette is another game of chance that is known for its high house edges in most cases. There are, however, some variants of roulette, as well as particular wagers and combinations that you should avoid on the roulette table.

Most online casinos offer two main forms of roulette – American Roulette and European Roulette.

European Roulette is the more classic of the two, played on a wheel with 37 slots, including one zero.

American Roulette was actually created by casinos in the US to increase the house edge, and this was done by creating a roulette wheel with 38 slots – the difference being an extra zero (depicted as 00).

As such, the house edge in European Roulette averages at 2.7%, while American Roulette sees its house edge shoot up to 5.26%!

No prizes for guessing which version of Roulette you should play at your favorite online casino”¦ Hint: it’s not American Roulette.

If you choose to play American Roulette anyway, the worst wager you can place is the five number bet. This bet – which is truly for suckers – consists of 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. The house edge on this wager soars to a painful 7.89%.

Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud odds to win at a casino IndiaSucker Bet (house edge): Side bet (26.46%)

We won’t go into the odds of the game known as Caribbean Stud found at many online casinos, but we will touch on the side bet that you are encouraged to make, with the chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

By placing the usual dollar required to put yourself in the running to win the bonus jackpot, you’ll be looking at some of the worst odds in the business.

And just to make matters worse, the odds of winning with the highest Royal Flush hand are around 650,000 to 1!

Just to qualify for one of the bonus payouts, you’ll need a flush or higher. It has been calculated that you’ll land a flush every 500 hands or so, and for this you’ll receive a $50 payout. Without going too deeply into the calculations, you can see on the surface why paying $1 each time to enter the side jackpot isn’t such a good idea.


roulette sucker bets - craps odds of winning at a casino India

Sucker Bet (house edge):  Any Seven (16.67%), 2 & 12 (13.89%), Whirl or World (13.33%), The Horn, (12.5%), 3 & 11/Hard 4 & Hard 10/Any Craps (11.11%), Hard 6 & Hard 8 (9.09%)

The objective in craps is to predict which will be the next number to be rolled on the dice.

Possibly the worst bet you can make in craps is the Any Sevens wager, which is a one roll bet that the next number will be seven. You will want to avoid this wager with a house edge of 16.67%.

Other bets that aren’t worth placing on the craps table include Two (aka Snake Eyes), Twelve (Boxcars) and Hop (1 way), all of these with house edges of 13.89%. Betting the world is to place 5 equal wagers on 2, 3 7, 11, & 12. It carries a house edge of 13.33%. The horn bet is a bet equally divided on 2, 3, 11, & 12. It has a house edge of 12.5%.


baccarat tie bet odds at winning at a casino IndiaSucker Bet (house edge):  Tie Bet (14%)

Baccarat has different payout percentages, depending on which bet you place. While some bets have excellent house edges of 1.17%, the worst wager in Baccarat is the Tie Bet which has a house edge of 14%, and this applies whether you play the more slow-paced high roller baccarat or mini-baccarat.

Low Stakes Progressive Slot Machines

Sucker Bet (edge): Low wager slots (12-17%)

There is some controversy about adding progressive slot machines to the list of ‘casino sucker bets’, just because these games provide such great entertainment value. But if you look at the dry facts, you will understand very quickly that the chances of hitting the big jackpot are small.

The house edge tends to be higher for lower stakes slots. Think 5 cent slots. The house edge ranges from 12% to 17% in many of these games for any denomination wagered.

Rule of thumb: Set aside a small portion of your bankroll for progressive slot machines – although the odds are against you, they’re fun to play and you may – just may – be looking at multi-million sized payouts. We have a couple of tips for playing online slot from India, you can thank us later.

Final Guidance

Before taking up a game at the casino, take a few minutes to check out the odds of the bets you are considering.

Craps is a game that is filled with pitfalls of sucker bets.  So if you play, make sure to remember the above bets and avoid them.  Whereas Blackjack tends to offer better odds.

Unless you have a massive bankroll, it is best to avoid those wagers that have bad returns for you as the player no matter the game, but even if you have extra money to lose, it’s generally best not to waste it on the worst bets in the house.

Knowledge is power and getting to know these bad bets – or, as we call  them, casino sucker bets –  it will help you to get maximum value out of your bets.

However, as always, casino betting should be ONLY for entertainment. Never play with more than you are willing and able to  spend for entertainment. Poker and sports betting might be the exception, there are some huge opportunities to be made on cricket betting here in India, a sport we are highly knowledgeable of.


[1], Casino Mathematics, 2002