Using Mobile Apps to Bet on Football

Football betting mobile promotions for India

There is little doubt that mobile betting has drastically changed the way in which we place our bets. It’s almost a given that a betting website has a dedicated betting app to accompany it with most bookmakers seeing an expediential rise in the number of people using their mobile platform.

It’s undoubtedly the freedom that betting on your mobile has that a lot of people have taken to.

The amount of time that people spend on their phones these days is growing as the number of features that are available on them are simply mind boggling.

It’s taken the betting industry probably longer than most to grasp onto the concept, but now that it is here it’s probably agreed that few had envisioned it would take off in the manor that it has. A lot of people said the same when bookmakers first started to go online, but in all honesty, the high street bookmaker has almost vanished and the mobile betting apps seem like the next generation on from betting websites.

Increased Availability

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The number of betting apps on the market is pretty staggering and there are few bookmakers in India that we have come across that don’t offer some form of mobile site. In fact, if we were to see a site that doesn’t have a mobile ready site or app then we would honestly be rather wary about using said bookmaker.

What’s probably been most interesting to see is that there has been mobile only bookmakers and other gambling outlets that have come to market. They have bypassed the online websites and just gone straight to mobile, which says it all about where they think the industry is heading.

With availability comes choice and this is why the increase in mobile technology has been so good for the betting industry. Bookmakers are starting to realise that a lot of what their app does will determine whether a user might use their betting account with them.

It was reported by some of the bigger bookmakers that they had seen a massive growth of users through their app with some reporting that over 40% of their total bets taken were done so on mobile devices.

It’s these kind of stats that really puts the user in the driving seat with this one as it means that not only can you choose between your favourite bookmaker and app, but also that these bookmakers are going to have to produce higher quality betting apps to keep your custom.


Mobile Specific Offers

As we mentioned, bookmakers are showing a huge increase in users that are not only using their betting apps alongside their websites, but also exclusively using the app as their main betting portal. It’s for this very reason that the number of betting specific offers for mobile users has continued to grow.

There has been a huge increase in the number of sign up bonuses for people registering through their betting app and on top of that, mobile specific offers. These range between each app, but they do still tend to be on the more generous side than the ones on the betting websites.There are several types of promotions and bonuses football betting sites offer for India, learn how to take advatage of them, including the exclusive mobile ones.

Again, this puts you, the user in a fantastic position! If you are looking to use a betting app as your primary betting resource then you are now in a situation where you have not only a number of bookmakers to choose from, but also a healthy range of betting offers as well. A common trick that many bettors used to do back in the day was jump from bookmaker to bookmaker to take advantage of their offers and these mobile offers basically allow you to do just that”¬¶become your very own bonus whore!

Downsides to Mobile Betting

Betfair mobile bonus for IndiaAs with anything, there are downsides to betting on football using your mobile. The biggest issue that you are likely going to run into is connectivity problems. Now this isn’t necessarily anything to do with the betting app itself, although some do run faster than others, but it’s likely that you are going to need at least a 3G connection to be able to quickly navigate around the app.

We realise that most places are implementing 3G connections, but rural areas still struggle and the ability to load up betting apps on a connection less than 3G is very time consuming.

As the majority of apps are still relatively new, a lot carry quite a few bugs with them. We don’t mean bugs as in a virus for your phone, but things that will just make it crash randomly and for you then to lose that 6 game accumulator you painstakingly put together. Having said that, they are all a lot more stable today than they were even twelve months ago, and it’s an area you will likely see drastically improved sooner rather than later!

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