How to Structure a Winning Football Bet

How to structure a football bet for India market

Throughout this article we will be looking at how to go about how to structure a winning football bet for the India market. This is a short but precise  step by step guide account of how to make our bets.

What you need to understand is that each step can be done in as much or as little depth as you really want. Obviously the more time you put in the higher chance you will have of trying to find some value.

The best thing to do is use this guide as a sort of check-list and even if you don’t incorporate all of the steps, there should be at least one or two pointers of how to go about making your decisions.

It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, it’s essentially your opinion of what bets to pick.

There will be times when the majority of punters are going for the complete opposite result, but what matters is that you’ve applied you research to your bets and are comfortable with the bet that you have come up with.

All you can do is work to the best of your ability with the time you have, but if you do this, then it’ll likely yield more positive results than negative.

Bet Type

First up we like to choose what type of football bets we want to put down and how many. A general example would be to choose one 5 team accumulator bet  and then a couple of single bets as well. Again, this is massively personal and up to you what you choose.

Ideally, you will already have an amount you are willing to wager for that day. We have mentioned several times on the site already about making sure you set yourself a daily limit in terms of money to bet with, so this is a key step. Generally the money at your disposal will determine how many bets you want to put on, but there may be a point later on in your decision process where you decide to limit or increase the number of bets as your research progresses.

League Selection


We highly recommend that you stick to leagues or countries that you are familiar with to start with, although the Indian market is very fond of the EPL of the UK. These sorts of markets will allow you to quickly see what you think will work and what you think wont. As time progresses and you become more knowledgeable with lesser leagues, then you can start to adapt.

The range of leagues will depend on what games are taking place that day.

For example, a Saturday afternoon in the UK will include all of the top four professional leagues to choose from.

A Sunday afternoon will have a much limited number of games and in turn, leagues.

You might also want to consider betting on other sports other than football, like cricket or horseracing, so you can have a larger number of selections. If you are not avid on these other sports just follow the tips we give to beginners so you can master all types of sports betting.

Rough Pick of Matches

As we are familiar with the leagues we want to bet on, we will have some sort of an idea about which teams are going to have the best chance of winning a certain matchup.

The odds don’t matter too much at this point, but we should be looking to start with maybe a draft of 10 games or so from the leagues that you are familiar with. This may change due to the bet type you are looking for, especially if you are placing large accumulator bets, where you may need more to look through initially.

You can apply the same method to leagues you are possibly less familiar with, but it’s a good idea to start incorporating the odds into these selections straight away. You will know what sort of return you are looking for from your bet and then you can see what sort of prices are on offer for these types of teams. Remember, we aren’t looking for the value that these teams represent just yet.

Narrow Selections Down

Football bet tip match selection for the India market

From this list we want to then dilute our picks somewhat. Let’s say we are just looking to place a number of single bets for that day. We aren’t going to bet on 10 outcomes but 5 are certainly going to be a more manageable amount. We’ve found that once we get to this number (5) the next steps are generally a lot simpler.

As a final note for this section, don’t totally discard the other 5 teams that you picked originally. It may be the case that as we dig deeper into the research of each pick that we find our initial picks weren’t as valuable as they maybe could have been. If this is the case we can go and add in some of the original 10 teams that didn’t make the cut.

Check Stats, Form and Odds

This is going to be the most time consuming section of our guide.

Now we need to look at our five picks and start to break them down a bit. For each game we should be looking at things such as:

  • Team form
  • Player line-ups
  • Head to head records
  • League position
  • Club status (new manger etc)
  • Goals scored
  • Goals conceded (both home and away)

And anything else you think will be relevant to how the game might pan out.

There are tons of sites and tools to perform  this research, although most of the major bookmakers now carry their own stats section which is free to use.

A site like [1] is again another extremely handy tool for stats and they also give a load of additional information for each game and what might happen given the stats that they have for each team. If you are a stats based bettor, then this site will be golden!

All the information that you take from this section of the process should be related to the odds that are on offer. But before delving too much towards the odds, if you find a good pick first, and then look at what price they are, you will be able to decide then if you think they are good value.

What you will find is that the longer you spend betting on one league the quicker you will be able to see value. Say for example you were concentrating on the I-League and each week you were looking through stats. Eventually you will have a rough idea in your head of how certain teams have performed previously. Once you know this, then this section of the process will be massively reduced and you can apply the information to the odds pretty much instantly. We will say though that you need to do this at some point for all picks, if only to reassure your selection.

Find The Best Odds


Once we have our bets, it’s now important to go and find the best odds in the industry.

Whilst we can use one bookmaker initially to look at odds, actually placing them with this bookmaker might not give you the biggest return. There won’t be an awful lot of change with most bookmakers, but even if you had odds of 2.30 on the first bookmaker then shopped around and found them for 2.50, this still would mean you would make more money and to justify shopping about.

A site like [2] is about as good as tool as you will ever use for football betting. They will show you in seconds which bookmakers are best priced on a huge range of leagues and markets.

Besides fishing the best odds possible there are other Do ´s and Dont ´s that Indian bettors should consider before betting for real. But we discuss those in more detail on another section.

Make theBet

At this point you can be safe in the knowledge that you have done all you can possibly do to make the best informed bet with the information you have.

As we mentioned at the start, you can put as much time into your bets as you need. Each of these steps can be as detailed as you like, but if you only have 10 minutes to spare then it can be worked to fit that timescale. If you have an hour, even better!

*Finally, you may want to know what are the 11 mistakes beginners make when betting on football.


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[2], Odds Checker Site from Different Sportbooks, 2015