What to Look For When Claiming Free Online Football Bets

free football betsAs the betting industry continues to expand, the need for bookmakers to work harder to get you in through their doors is all that more important. One of the ways in which they can do this is by offering up sizable promotions to new customers. These promotions will range from bookmaker to bookmaker but you can generally expect a free bet or betting bonus with varying amounts of monetary value.

The thing is, these free bets often come with a rather long list of terms and conditions, and whilst a £500 free bet offer may sound more appealing than a £25 free bet, the reality could actually be the reverse.

What we are going to try and do with this article is make you aware what some of the terms mean and which to look out for specifically. After being involved in the industry for countless years now, we have been able to work out what works and what simply doesn’t when it comes to the different types of bets involved in the Indian football betting market.

We will say that each bookmaker is often very much different to the other. Whilst a £25 free bet from two opposing, yet highly thought of bookmakers may look identical, the actual reality of their offer may be worlds apart. It’s been interesting to see that whilst one type of free bet promotion won’t suit one person, it may be perfect for another. It’s for this reason that we highly recommend working out what you want from your free bet before you start.

On a follow-up  article we will also be also mention  a number of bookmakers’ special offers for India  to see exactly what benefit they  entails.

What To Look For In A Football Bet Promotion

Deposit Requirements (minimums and maximums)

The first thing that you really need to look out for would be the deposit requirements. It’s important as a lot of bonuses or even free bets won’t require you to claim the full amount to become eligible. So it might say that you can claim a £50 free bet, but all bets between £10 and £50 may qualify. Generally though, the smaller the amount that’s on offer the easier they are to claim. But we will talk more about that as the article progresses.

Release/Withdrawal Requirements

Good football betting bonus and promotions Indians should know about

The second and probably most important thing to take note of is the release requirements  before you are eligible to withdraw.

Basically what happens is that for every free bet or bonus you receive, you will required to play through this amount plus your deposit a certain number of times before being able to withdraw. Not only that but certain bet types will be banned to comply with the bonus requirements, the sportbooks won ´t leave it easy for you.

Let’s say you got a £25 free bet that required you to play through this amount plus your deposit three times before you could withdraw your funds. This would technically mean that you would need to wager £150 or more (( £25 deposit + £25 free bet) x 3) before being able to withdraw.

This may seem like a large amount, but it’s pretty standard in the industry.

Bonus Expiration

Next up we want to make you aware of any expiry notice that the free bet may have. What the majority of bookmakers will do is give you a certain amount of time to either use your free bet or work through the withdrawal amount if it’s a bonus. Again, this will range for each bookmaker but generally is between 7 and 90 days.

Minimum Odds Requirements

Most free bets will have minimum odds that will qualify to activate your bonus.

For example, a bookmaker may say that only bets made at odds of evens (2.00) or greater will count towards activation of your free bet. This is basically in place to stop people betting on a 1/50 shot with their first bet to claim the full free bet amount.

Remember that this will likely apply for all qualifying bets after your first bet, working in conjunction with any rollover amount that you may need to activate.

Sports or Market Restrictions

Sportbook promotions and bonus restrictions on football betting for India

Similarly to the above paragraph, bookmakers may limit certain markets or even sports that you can bet on. The reasons are much the same in that they aren’t in place to make it really difficult to clear; they are just trying to stop people from manipulating their free bets.

One thing to always remember when opening a new account is that you don’t have to take the free bet if you don’t want to. Most bookmakers will allow you to opt-out if you so wish, meaning that you can deposit and withdraw funds as you please. If you think that it all sounds a little complicated and would rather just bet normally, then this is perfectly fine to do so.

Usually poker bonuses have very different conditions to sports betting and slot games.  

Finally we want to mention that should you have any queries about any aspect of the free bet or bonus to contact the bookmaker’s customer support. Most are on hand around the clock via their live chat and they will help you decide if you should take the free bet as well. They will also point you in the right direction for the promotions terms and conditions which we highly recommend you should read through thoroughly before opening an account.

What To Avoid On Online Football Promotions

Insane Release Requirements

You should avoid free bets at all cost if their rollover amount seems totally unrealistic to the amount you are getting in return and the frequency that you bet.

We have seen bookmakers that have made it almost impossible to withdraw funds due to rollover amounts being that of 20x their deposit and free bet. With a free bet going all the way up to £100, this meant that the punter would need to wager £4,000 before they could make their withdrawal.

Untrustworthy Sites

Sporbook promotions to avoid in football betting from India

Try and stick to reputable bookmakers that are willing to provide as much information as you need about their promotion.

Most of the bigger companies will have a healthy terms and condition section that you can access at any time should you be concerned and will have everything you need to know there. And trustworthy sites do not last long in the market, always review the betting sites to know what you are getting into. Search for “banned betting sites” to know which sites have failed and “bad betting sites” to know which are already failing. Simply put go with the most known names.

Additionally, don’t just run with the bookmaker that is offering the biggest monetary amount. It’s highly likely that whilst they may offer a £200 free bet, the amount that you need to wager to get through their rollover requirements will be a lengthy fight for most.

More often than not, the smaller amounts ( £10- £50) are much easier to claim and clear and whilst it obviously isn’t as much monetary, it will be a lot less hassle and much better than nothing at all.

*The football betting sites that you find on this site are all highly reputable for the Indian market and worldwide. They all accept transactions from our country and even comply with the gambling laws. Check out our Sikkim and Karnataka betting law articles to know more about this aspect.


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Don’t Cheat or Abuse the System

Never, ever, under any circumstances try and claim the bonus more than once or via multiple accounts.

There may have been a time many moons ago where you could get away with this and simply register a different name, but the gambling industry is extremely vigilant on this now and will shut your account down and seize your funds faster than you know it. There will also likely be terms and conditions stating that the bookmaker is well within their right to take any money in your account and not hand it back. We can’t stress enough how important this paragraph is!

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