Wager Options for Online Football Betting

As the interest surrounding football betting in India continues to grow, bookmakers are always thinking up new and innovative ideas in which to not only retain punters, but increase market size. One of the ways in which they have done this in the past is by introducing new betting markets to their armory.

As you can imagine, with an industry that is decades old, the range and number of betting markets has grown exponentially. This has allowed bookmakers to not only provide a staggering number of markets but also offer up betting opportunities that maybe weren’t there even a decade ago.

What we have done for this article is try and breakdown some of the more popular markets. These will range to generic markets that pretty much each bookmaker will offer, to those that are dedicated to a certain site.

Goals Galore

We’ve started with the Goals Galore market because it’s been one of the biggest pioneers when it comes to creating new betting oportunities  for football punters here in India. The market works by allowing bettors  to choose from a huge list of games of which they think both teams will score at any time.

The result of the game is actually irrelevant; all that is needed is for at least 1 goal for each team for it to be a successful selection.

The list works similar to that of an accumulator bet (of which we will discuss later in the article) in that the more selections you make, the larger the odds. What you will often see from Betway is that the games they have picked will be higher priced than a lot of their rival bookmakers. This is one of the main reasons as to why Goals Galore has become such a popular betting market!

Goals Galore Bonus Coupon

As the Goals Galore betting coupon has become so popular, Betway have expanded their Goals Galore market to include both Extra and Bonus coupons.

The Bonus coupon is essentially a list which pays out a bigger price. So instead of it being three selections at set odds of 4/1, the three selections on the Bonus coupon will be 5/1. They compensate the price by offering a less likely number of matches into their pool of teams to both score.

Goals Galore Extra requires the punter to not only pick a game where they think both teams will score, but they must also pick the correct result of the game as well. Basically, you need to select either a home win, draw or away win, including both of the teams to score for this bet to come in. Obviously this is a much tougher selection and odds are more favorable as a result.

Anytime scorer

Another innovative idea from Betway has seen the inclusion of the Anytime Scorer coupon. Much like a standard football betting coupon, you will be able to make multiple selections with the more selections made increasing the payout.

The difference that this has compared to your ‘standard’ coupon is that you are choosing players to score at any time in a match. A very popular bet in India.

Beat the clock

The beat the clock coupon allows you to select games where you think there will be a goal in the opening 30 minutes of the game.

The result of the match does not matter and neither does the team who scores the goal, but if the game you have selected sees a goal within 30 minutes then it will go down as a successful selection.

Additionally, this market has been expanded to provide the same structure but for the opening 20 minutes of a match offering even more value.

Goalscorer bets

The goalscorer markets allow you to pick players that you think will score first, last or anytime depending on which market you have selected. The odds of each player will vary, likely based on form or the role in which they will be playing throughout the game, but often yields good value for most markets.

It’s this sort of market that makes checking the starting line-up imperative as bookmakers will often just set odds for all players, regardless if they are set to start or not.

Double Delight/ Hat trick Heaven

One of the more popular bets, and a follow up to the goalscorer markets, is the Double Delight and Hat Trick Heaven markets.

How this works is by simply selecting who you think will score the first goal in a match.

If your selection is successful and they go on to grab a second goal then the bookmaker will pay out double your winnings.

If your player then goes on to score a hat trick in that game the bookmaker will pay out treble your winnings.


The accumulator bet is probably one of the most popular in the football betting industry. It’s a pretty basic concept in that you simply add a multiple of selections to your bet slip and as you do so, the odds increase. Its popularity comes in the fact that you can bet a small amount for a potentially massive return.

We discuss accumulator bets in more detail in another section as there are great opportunities to win big time.

Bet in-play

Bet in-play or live betting as it’s sometimes referred to allow you to bet on a football match as that game is taking place. The majority of bookmakers will offer live betting and what you will find is that the markets will react as and when events in the match occur. For example, if a goal is scored by one team to go 1-0 then the odds for the team that scored will change as they are leading.


Live betting is best used when actually viewing the match to get a feel for what might occur and how the market might react. The number of markets over the period of the game for live betting will often be much larger than the number before the game starts.

Betfair is the leading bookmaker when it comes to live in-play betting in India. Betfair actually has bet trading platform were you can trade bets just like the stock market.

Asian handicap

The Asian handicap allows you to apply a handicap to a certain team which often levels the playing field somewhat. The amount you can handicap one team can range anywhere between 0.5 goals up to unlimited really. The bet type is often produced in a way that shows a decimal; so one team might be at -1.5 on the Asian Handicap. This would mean that the team basically starts at -1.5 goals and would need to win by two or more goals for that selection to be successful.

Sometimes an Asian Handicap bet might have two numbers and be set out like -0.5, -1.0. This means that your stake will be split between the two outcomes. A victory margin of 1 goal would mean that the -0.5 selection is successful but the -1.0 selection would not.

Draw no bet

The draw no bet market is pretty simple and basically eliminates the draw as a result. If the game does end as a draw then your stake will be returned. The odds for the correct outcome of this market will be reduced to simply selecting the result from the outright winners market.

There is a way to hedge Draw-no-bet wagers in order to reduce the risk of your bets. Cut your losses and win big.

Super 6

The Super 6 is a coupon that has been designed by Sky Bet ad is actually free to enter.

To win the £250,000 jackpot all you need to do is simply guess the exact score of 6 games that Sky Bet has picked (often English Premier League games).

On top of that there are prizes for the person who correctly guessed the highest number of correct scores and those gaining the most points (points are awarded for correct result outcomes as well).

Correct Score

The correct score market requires you to pick out the exact score at full time. It doesn’t matter in what order each team scores, as long as the full time result is correct at the end of the game. This market has also been adapted into the correct score at half time.

Full time result and Both Teams to score

One of the more increasingly popular football betting markets is that of the full time result and both teams to score. For this to be successful you simply need to choose which team you think will win in a match where both teams will score.

For example, if you picked Team A to beat Team B and they did so 3-1 then you would win. If the same bet was made and the result finished 3-0 then the bet would lose.

Match result

Our last selection will easily be the most popular and that is the match result. For this you will have to pick the result of the match from either the home win, away win or draw. Not only will this market be popular as a single bet, but it will also be one that can be used in a massive array of multiple bets as well.

*Now that you have learned the types of bets available for India its time to develop a football betting structure that fits your bettor profile.