Best Promotions for Online Football Betting in India

The most important aspect of betting on any sport is to make money. But making money from sports betting isn’t easy, nor is it an exact science. Some people may place bets on different sports and markets that they understand better than most. Others may look to bet on any old market but have knack for knowing where the value lies in a bet.

Value is in fact one of the most important terms when it comes to betting. The bookmaker essentially makes money by tearing away as much value from a bet as possible, whilst still enticing punters in to bet on that sport.

As a punter, one of the best things we can do to make money is have the ability to sniff out those value bets.

You need to be able to see where you think a bookmaker may have a price on an outcome that you think will be profitable in the long run. What many people often do with betting is think short term; and that’s not the correct way to go about it. You need to look long term and know that as long as you make decisions where the value is in our favour then we will make money.

One of the easiest ways to find value is by looking at bookmaker promotions. These promotions will likely range massively from each bookmaker but is a sure fire way in which we can get one over on the bookmaker, if only for one bet. Promotions can come in all shapes and sizes and some will offer a lot more value than others. What a lot of people fail to do is look around for promotions that they can target and then extract the value from each. Remember, we need to think long term when we think of Value and not just from the short term bet.

Below you will find some of the more common offers you can expect from a host of bookmakers when it comes to football related promotions.

Each offer will range in the amount of value you will get, but all will offer some value at least. It’s important that as a bettor who is looking to make money you take advantage of as many of these promotions as you possibly can to extract the maximum value from a bookmaker.


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Free bets promotion Football bets promotions for India explained 1The easiest and most common form of promotion comes in the form of a free football bet when you register a new account with a bookmaker. Most bookies will offer this bet upon signing up and it’s probably going to be as valuable as you will find from a football promotion.

This promotion will work one of two ways.

The first will be a match on the amount you deposit after registering and the second will be a match on the amount you wager on your first bet.

Each bookmaker will range in the amount that you can receive, but most will match 100% of either your deposit or bet.  As this is such a common promotion and one of the easiest to claim, we often encourage bettors to register as many as accounts as possible, if only to take advantage of this exact offer.

Some do require you to meet certain qualifying terms and conditions  in the amount you need to play through before you can withdraw, but even if you set up the account, claimed your bonus, met the required play through amount, withdrew and never used the bookmaker again, you’d still have made value from that bookmaker.

Money Back Specials

Another common promotion is that of money back specials. These are pretty simple and will likely be along the lines of if your bet loses, they will refund that bet.

An example might be ‘Bet on Pune FC to win the I-League and if they don’t, we will refund your bet’ or along those lines.

The range of markets that are included with this bet type is pretty vast and can be anything from outright winners, goal scorers, certain results, incidents in the game (red cards, penalty’s) and a host of others. What you get with these bet types is a free reign to place a bet and whatever happens after that bet, you will at least get your money. It’s the dream scenario really!

Enhanced Odds

Betfair enhanced odds explained for the India market

A lot of bookmakers these days run enhanced prices to try and encourage punters through their doors.

They might say where a football player is best priced to score the first goal of the game in the industry is 5/1, but we have inflated this price to be 10/1 for a limited time. These types of bets generally come with a limited max bet but it still offers great value when you compare it to the competition.

A favorite at the minute seems to be enhanced accumulator bet prices.

So a bookmaker might pick out 3 or 4 games from the days matches and inflate the price of the combined accumulator price for a limited time.

These types of bets are actually a lot more common than you might think, with the majority of betting sites offering some sort of enhanced pricing system for the higher profile matches throughout the week.

Whilst a lot of these bets are found within most bookmakers and available to all punters, you will often find the biggest enhanced prices to be saved for those signing up new accounts.

This again, is another reason why it’s important to be liberal about the number of bookmakers that you are willing to open an account with.

First Goalscorer, Double Delight and Hat-trick Heaven

A promotion that was originally brought in by UK based bookmaker Betfred [1], but is now operated by a host of the major bookmakers is a double or even triple up on odds should you back the correct first goalscorer and they go on to score a second or third.

This is a great asset for any bettors who are interested in the first goalscorer market and this added bonus just seems ludicrous to miss.

An example might be to back Ronaldo to score first at 5/1 but if he then does this and goes on to score a second we will double your winnings. Should he go on to score a third then we will treble your winnings.

Goals Galore Bonus


The Goals Galore market is another initiative set up by Betfred [2], but since then most bookmakers have gone on to incorporate it.

The basis to it all works in a similar way to the enhanced pricing promotion we mentioned earlier, except this time you can pick your teams as you wish from a long list of games that are all marginally inflated.

The actual amount that these games are inflated in price is actually very small, but when you add them together in an accumulator bet, they start to become very lucrative indeed.

What you need to be careful about with these sorts of picks is getting carried away and picking too many teams.

Winning accumulator bets are hard to come by but when they come in, they are usually extremely lucrative.

Super 6

The Super 6 game is offered by the bookmaker Sky Bet and this promotion gives you the chance to win a £250,000 for free. It works by trying to predict the right score from 6 games across England on a Saturday afternoon. To win the jackpot you need to get the result and score exactly right for each game. There are no entry fees or bets that need to place to enter and this runs every week!

On top of that they offer smaller prizes for people who rack up the most points for that day (points are awarded for how close you have come to getting the correct result). These range from £1,000 up to £10,000 depending how well you have done and how many winners there has been.

Mobile Specials

With football mobile betting starting to take over the betting industry in India, a lot of bookmakers have started to offer mobile specific offers. This means that you will need to sign up via your mobile device and use their football betting app to do so, but it’s another incentive to get people in and through the bookmaker’s doors.

Often these will run alongside the betting offer when registering a new account, but sometimes they work out to be more lucrative than the original betting offer. It’s always worth checking out which will be better suited to you before picking accordingly.

*Now that you know the promotions  and all the betting basics, there are some legal aspects to take in mind when betting on football from India, specialy in the regions of Sikkim and Karnataka.