11 Mistakes Beginners Make When Betting on Football


Betting on football can be one of the most profitable things to do in the Indian gambling industry. But you need to understand that to make money you have to put the work in. Simply rocking up and placing a few bets every week on some random results will see you lose money much quicker than you can ever make money.

The theme of this article will be to highlight some of the more common mistakes people make when betting on football. This won’t necessarily be an article that’s going to give you the answers to these mistakes – there will be plenty of articles on the site that will do this – but we wanted to highlight where the majority of people are going wrong and what not to do.

Whilst it isn’t always feasible to spend hours of your day researching your bets, there are steps that you can take that will give the maximum chances of winning for the time you are able to invest into your picks. Below are things that you should always avoid and whilst we have targeted this more towards football betting, it should be pretty simple to apply this to all types of football betting and other sports.

1. Not  Considering Starting Lineups

You will be shocked to see how many times people place a bet before even looking at the starting line-ups for BOTH teams. It’s generally something that is released at least an hour before kick-off, which should give you plenty of time to include this into your research.

Let’s say for example you see a team that you think is really good value and then proceed to place a bet before checking out the starting XI. After you’ve placed that bet you then realise that their star striker, who has scored 25 goals already that season, is injured along with their captain and central defender.

All of a sudden the ‘value’ bet that you thought you were picking up has turned into a long shot as the heart of everything that the team does well has been removed.

2. Looking at  Overall Season Versus Recent Form


A common mistake bettors make is looking at the bigger picture when it comes to football betting, but in all honesty it’s the short term that should catch your attention.

Whilst a team may have a steady record over the course of the league, their form towards the end might have dipped drastically.

On the whole, you would look at the league table and think that they are pretty strong lying in mid-table, but closer inspection might see that they have lost their last 5 games moving them from a top 4 side, to just a top 10 side.

You are much better off taking the stats from the last 5 or 6 games and basing your decision on that. Current form and hot streaks plays a huge part in football and simply looking at a wider range of games will skew what’s currently happening.

It’s also worth limiting past head to head meetings as well. Anything more than two seasons old should almost be discarded. A lot can happen over the course of two years and this will likely have had an affect over the ways in which both of the teams are playing.

3. Not Taking Injuries Into Account

This follows on a little from the ‘looking at the starting XI’ section, but you must take note of players who are injured or are carrying an injury. There will be plenty of times throughout a season that a team risks playing their star player whilst they are carrying a slight knock, but we all know that if this is the case, their effect on the game will be much less than if they were fully fit.

Again, try and wait until you can get the starting XI for both teams before making your pick – which will likely be about an hour before kick-off – to make sure you can assess each team. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find information on the internet about possible injury doubts to start with, so if you know which players to look out for in advance, when the team sheets are released you will be better informed to make your selections.

4. Not  Considering What Each Team Has at Stake

not weight club stakes mistakes football bettors need to avoid in India

This is a mistake that a lot of bettors make usually towards the back end of the season. As the season draws to a close then some teams will have less to play for than others. Let’s take a mid-table team compared with a second bottom team on the last day of the season.

Whilst the league rankings for each team will suggest that the mid table team far outranks the second bottom team, in reality, the mid table team has nothing to play for whereas the second bottom team need to win to stay in the division.

A team that has very little to play for, no matter what their current standing or even form in the league, will always struggle against someone fighting for their lives.

5. Betting on Cup Games

Cup games are an absolute lottery when it comes to football betting and we would highly recommend that you avoid these types of matches altogether.

The reason why they are a lottery is twofold; the first being that the bigger teams often see games against the lower league teams as not all that important and secondly, because the starting line-ups for the so-called bigger teams are much changed from that of a competitive league game.

We preach to our readers that we should spend as much time looking for value and researching picks for football betting picks as possible. These cup games are so hard to predict that even trying to pick them generally isn’t worth the time or money invested. If it’s a case of betting just for the sake of betting, then you’re in the wrong business!

There are exceptions to our – bold – statement, but as a rule of thumb cup games will be a high risk investment.

6. Lack of Patience


There is no real quick fix when it comes to consistently being a profitable football bettor. Yes you might get lucky and land a 50/1 accumulator bet, but to become consistently successful at betting, then you need to have at least some patience.

It’s highly likely that the majority of your bets will actually be unsuccessful. This isn’t uncommon and there are professional gamblers who will back this statement up.

The difference between the professionals and the majority of Average Joe punters is that the pros know that if they keep taking all of the appropriate steps to making a successful bet, then eventually it will happen.

A lack of patience in this industry can be a quick and messy way to losing a lot of money. Patience applied correctly will give you every opportunity of making the maximum amount of money from your bets.

7. Relying On Emotions to Place Bets

A lot of people in the gambling industry bet far too much with their hearts and not their heads. Too often you hear people saying ‘I just have a feeling…’ when in reality, this is a load of rubbish. Your bets should be carefully selected based on a number of factors that we have spoken about countless times throughout this site.

One thing you can start doing is by never betting on your own team or your country. Whilst it’s easy to say that you hold no attachment to these bets, more often than not there is something that is lingering that will be clouding your judgement.

We have found that to totally get away from trying to find value in these games, no matter how good we think it may be, to just avoid these bets all together. Games which have no emotional attachment will allow you to make a much clearer and in turn, more profitable decision on the outcome.

8. Laziness!!


Laziness is one of the most common mistakes we see from recreational punters. Not putting the time in to research your picks or simply just betting for the sake of betting will send you busto a lot faster than you’ll ever make money.

We do understand however, that the majority of recreational bettors in India will only have a limited amount of time to spend on researching their picks. They might have jobs or family to look after, whatever it is, we get it. As a result some will be able to spend more time making a pick than others, but we recommend that everyone placing a bet spends as much time as they can afford to dedicate to their research as possible.

A professional bettor may spend all day looking through form guides and stats sites for that one bet, but at least at the end of the day they can be assured that they have researched it to the best of their ability, win or lose. A recreational punter may have a quick ten minutes spare on their lunch break but at least they can say the same in that they have spent the maximum amount of time possible to them to make their picks.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s your hard earned money at the end of the day and you should be looking to try and do all you can to turn that into as much money as possible, with laziness playing no part in the process.

9. Not Using the Right Betting Site

You’d be pretty much shocked to hear how many times we have seen people using the wrong bookmaker for their football bets. A professional bettor may have upward of a dozen active betting accounts because they know that doing so ensures that they can get the best odds no matter what sport they bet on.

A recreational bettor’s mind-set is usually to just have one as ‘all bookmakers are the same, right?’ Wrong!

We aren’t saying that you need to go out and register with a dozen or more bookmakers – although, through the years it’s easily achieved – but we are saying that you should have at least 3-5 on the go to make sure you can maximise value.


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One bookmaker may provide a better range of markets or even promotions for a certain sport or market that you bet on. The next might yield more value in terms of odds than their competitors. Either way, it’s important to make sure you are using a bookmaker that fits around the markets or sports that you like to bet. For this, you need to conduct your own research or simply open up a handful of accounts that allows you to check between each.

There is a list of the most trustful bookmakers in India and you should have an account from at least this small group.

10. Betting Too Frequently

Betting too frequently can be one of the easiest ways in which you can lose a lot of money very quickly when it comes to football betting. In this day and age we are spoilt with the range of countries, leagues and competitions that we can bet on. Betway India for example have a massive databases for football with hundreds of games on offer from around the world every day.

The temptation is there to fall into when so much choice available but it’s important to not lose focus of the fundamentals of betting.

It’s fine to bet on an Argentinian Under 21’s game if you have done your research and decided that bet offers value. But betting for the sake of betting or even worse, because you’re bored is financial suicide.

11. Not Learning From Your Mistakes

Learn from errors mistakes football bettors need to avoid in India

The last point that we want to make is about not learning from your mistakes. We’ve been there and made all these mistakes that you have already read above.

It cost us a lot of money in the process and we really wish that when starting out in our time betting we had something like this to see us through.

What we don’t do now is make any of these mistakes anymore! It’s all too common to see people that still make the same mistakes over and over before questioning why they keep losing their money or stating that they are the unluckiest bettors around.

In this industry, you make your own luck and the more effort you put in to making profitable bets the more money you will make!

*Now that you know what are the DO´S and DONT´S here is everything you need to know to bet from your smart phone.