What is Accumulator Betting and How Do I Use It?

What is an accumulator bet in football for India Winner Sports online betAccumulator bets are quickly becoming one of the most popular types of betting in the industry. The ability to win a vast amount of money from just a small bet has led to some of the biggest wins in betting history.

The flip side to this sort of betting is that it’s extremely volatile and actually winning an accumulator bet is a lot harder than it may seem.

What we are going to do for this article is look over what an accumulator bet is, how they work and also ways in which you can make your accumulator bets more profitable.

What is an Accumulator Bet?

An accumulator bet is basically a group of four or more bets on one slip combining  into one big bet. A winning bet will need each and every selection on that slip to be successful in order for it to win, with just one failed result ensuring that the bet loses.

This form of betting has become so popular with football betting mainly because of the sheer volume of games that are on offer. The more popular markets are the results market (home win, away win and draw) but the introduction of both teams to score and even anytime goal scorers are also seeing a rather large upturn in popularity and as a result, availability.

How do I Place an Accumulator Bet?

My  favorite site to use accumulator bets is Betway, so I will use them as an example.

To use the accumulator bet, make your betting selections then click “multiple bet options” that can be found beneath the bets you have chosen. If the option you want isn’t available, while logged-in, go to your Service menu.

Select  Members > My Account > Preferences. Make sure “Show All” under Betting Options is selected. You will have to log out from your current session then back in in order for your option selection to update.


Betway allows accumulator bets a long with many other types of betting options. It is a great sports book for India. Deposits and Withdrawals can be made using Neteller, Skrill or credit cards.

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Betfair, aside from accumulator and common betting types, allows bet trading. Buy and sell sport bets just like in the stock market several times during a match, an watch the game in full HD while at it. Users from India can deposit funds using Neteller, Skrill and credit cards.

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How are the Odds of an Accumulator Bet Worked Out?

The easiest way in which to work out the odds of your accumulator bet is to first switch your odds to decimal. Whilst a lot of you will be used to fractional betting or even money line betting, it’s worth understanding decimal bets as it’s probably the easiest out the three to grasp.

We aren’t going to go into too much detail in this article about decimal odds – there is plenty of information on the internet if you want to learn more – but the decimal number is basically the amount you will get back for every unit staked at that price.

Let’s say you bet 1 unit at odds of 2.60 and that bet won, you would get 2.60 units back in your account. It’s different to fractional prices in that it includes your stake back in the equation.

To work out your accumulator odds it’s simply a case of multiplying all of the odds for each outcome to get your overall price. Let’s say the price and games we have picked are:

  • Bengaluru FC @ 2.10
  • Salgaocar FC @ 1.65
  • Dempo Sports Club @ 1.80
  • Pune FC @ 2.40

Our accumulator would be 2.10 x 1.65 x 1.80 x 2.40 leaving the combined odds to be 14.96.

The majority of bookmakers will automatically work out the price for you as you add them to your bet slip but it’s always worth noting how the addition or subtraction of one team will likely affect the odds.

Accumulator Betting Tips

Don’t get too Greedy

One of the easiest things in the world is to keep adding teams to your accumulator and watching the odds rise. Obviously as you continue to add more the greater the potential returns will be but you need to remember that this will also lead to a much tougher time picking winning results for your accumulator.

What we like to do is compare it to say,  horseracing from India. If someone approached you and said a horse was running and was priced at 30/1 to win its race, what would you think? Our initial reaction is that the horse is going to have next to no chance in this race and would likely be something we avoid. The same principle has to apply to accumulator betting. A 30/1 shot 6 team accumulator is priced to come in just once for every 30 times you place that bet.

It does get very tempting adding more and more picks to your slip in the search for a bigger pay day, but the best way to go about it is little and often. A 10/1 bet with four big favourites stands a much better chance of you getting some returns for your outgoings, compared to the long shot 30/1 on 6 random teams.

Don’t Pick too Many Teams

This is a bit of a follow up to the above post but try not to add too many teams to your list.

If you are serious about consistently making money from accumulator betting then keep the picks to a minimum. The likelihood of picking 10 correct results is very, very rare and to be honest, we very rarely ever pick more than 5 with that 5 being a really solid bunch.

The longer the list the more the payout, but the likelihood of winning will be so slim that unless you are betting an awful lot – pro standard even – then the majority of you will need to avoid these longer shots.

Stay Patient

Accumulator betting is definitely something which requires a lot of patience and luck. By placing just one bet every week, it’s an almost given that the amount of times you lose will be much greater than that of the number of times in which you win.

The flip side of this is that you maybe only need one or two accumulators to be successful over the course of a season to return a profit.

The pay days are extremely lucrative but are few and far between. Just remain patient with them and keep ploughing as much time into your research for picks as possible”¦.The fact that you are reading this article means you are already doing this!

Stick With Home Wins

accumulator bet tips from winner sports India

Away wins are much rarer than that of a home win or even a draw.

We find that picking the draw is actually very tough, so we tend to avoid these as well.

Teams are much more likely to pick up the majority of their points at home and if you are going for the results market then try to get as many of your teams as home wins as possible.

We think of home games as a bit of twelfth man situation, where the crowd should act as an advantage for the team playing at home.

Bear in mind that we need to take every advantage we can get our hands on in this industry, making home wins a necessity for successful accumulators.

Avoid Long Shots

There is pretty much no point in choosing long shots for your accumulator slip as the likelihood of these coming is slim and we only need one result to let us down to spoil our whole slip. Let’s say Mumbai FC are priced at 5.00 to win their match and we think this offers good value. The likelihood of them actually winning at this price, in reality, is slim! If you feel that they have a chance just back them on their own and find a stronger bet to include in your accumulator.

Long Shots could actualy be a really good bet if they have some Value in them, but were not including them on an Accumulator strategy. To bet on Longshots and other type of betting stratigies refer to the How to Structure a Football Bet section.

Remember that the odds don’t have to be huge for accumulator bets to make them lucrative. Adding a game priced at 1.80 to 3 picks standing at a combined 7.00 boosts our overall payout to 12.60 which is a healthy jump from a relatively small starting price.

Use Bookmaker Offers and Promotions

As accumulator betting continues to grow, more and more bookmakers are starting to offer what’s known as enhanced accumulators. This is where they pick out 4 teams and they bump the price of all four of these teams to win to entice punters through their door.

These offers are generally around big events and competitions, but you can almost guarantee that a bookmaker with an enhanced price boost on a fixed accumulator is going to be there or thereabouts best price in the industry.

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