Free Cricket Bets and Matched Cricket Bonuses Explained

free cricket bets bonusFree cricket bets are one of the ways in which bookmakers look to entice punters through their doors. Seeing an advert which says ‘Get your £25 Free Bet now‘ is certainly something that is going to grab most people’s attention.

However, they aren’t as straight forward as simply signing up and getting a free bet immediately.

There are often terms and conditions to look through to make sure you qualify. This article will show you exactly what to look out for.

As cricket is very much a developed sport within the betting industry these days, you will find that pretty much all free bet promotions will be accessible via cricket betting. This means that any qualifying bets or any cricket markets should all work towards the terms for your free bet. What we will say is that many cricket bookmakers  for the Indian market have varying levels of cricket exposure, so it’s worth checking the market coverage before signing up to an account, if you are looking to solely bet on cricket.

For those of you that have already perhaps had a look at some of the bookmaker’s bonuses or are aware of how they work, then you may know that there are different types of promotions on offer. They can range between a standard free bet that matches your deposit amount, a free bet that will match your first bet amount or a bonus offer which requires you to play through your first deposit or free bet to release pockets of money. Either way, while  they may all look pretty similar, they actually range quite dramatically in the terms and conditions that each will have applied.

First Deposit Bonus In Cricket

The matched bet is your most common variant of a bookmaker’s sports promotion. It works by them simply offering a match on your first bet or even first deposit in the form of a free bet up to a certain amount of money. If you can, it’s these that you should be looking out for as they are generally the easiest to claim and have the fewest terms and conditions.

What you will find from matched bets is that the amount you can claim ranges significantly from bookmaker to bookmaker. You generally will start from around 10 units and work up to 100 units or even more. They are pretty versatile to use for the most part and are an area that you should be looking to target.

Remember that these will vary between matching your first deposit amount and your first bet amount; and there is a difference between the two! As you can imagine it’s important to find out which works for each bookmaker so you can see before depositing.

Free Money Bonus To Bet On Cricket

As an anchor before offerin the first deposit match bet  some bookmakers may even allow you to place a single bet completely free of charge to bet on cricket. It will be a small amount, around 5 units or so, but you can go in and wager this money completely free. What we have found is that this sort of promotions is usually linked with sportsbooks heavily invested in online casinos. It’s a strategy that the casino industry has used for years, but only recently have we seen it start to infiltrate into the betting industry.

To claim the bonus a player will only be required to subscribe to the bookmaker newsletter, and sometimes open an account without having to make a deposit.

You can make all the money you want or lose it, but if it happens you make a lot of money one of the requirements to withdraw the winnings is to make a first minimum deposit, and the initial bonus money will not be available for withdrawal, only the winnings. Still it is the best bonus offer for beginners as it is free of risk and allows to test the sportbook before making a deposit decision.

Betting Bonuses For Cricket

Betting bonuses work a little bit different to that of the free bets.betfair cricket free bet bonus

Again, these are an adaptation which were originally found in online casinos, but are now reasonably common in the betting industry.

The bonus will be a clear through promotion, meaning you need to wager certain amounts of money to release increments of your bonus.

For example, let’s say you get a £100 bonus and the terms read you will receive £10 of that bonus for every £20 you wager. In total you would need to wager £200 to clear your whole bonus.

While  these are the harder of the two promotion types, they are often the more lucrative. You will find that bonus can range to anywhere upwards of 500 units, which is a considerably larger amount than matched bets. Having said that, they do actually require you play at the bookmaker for a reasonable amount of time in order to fully clear the bonus. If you weren’t looking to stick around and just simply claim a promotion, then the matched bet will be a much better route to take.


Betway offers a generous deposit bonus for all new customers. They have a great selection of cricket betting odds, including live cricket betting.

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Betfair is the biggest Bet Exchange in the world, were players from India can buy and sell sport odds like if it was the stock market. Betfair offers free bets and special promotions on a weekly basis with a special deposit bonus. Deposits and Withdrawals can be made with Neteller, Skrill and credit cards.

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Understanding Cricket Betting Promotion Terms and Conditions

We’ve spoken briefly about bookmakers having certain terms and conditions of which you need to adhere by in order to claim your free bet. It is extremely important to read and understand the terms and conditions of the bonus in order to compare them between betting sites or know if it is a good deal. These conditions will range between each bookmaker, but there are some general guidelines that you will need to pick up on from each to understand them better. We have explained these below.

terms and conditions for cricket free bets on India

The first one is that bookmakers will set a minimum odds amount in which your qualifying bet has to be set at. Basically, the terms will suggest that to get your free bet you need to place a bet at odds of say, 2.00 or greater. Any bets placed at odds less than this will not qualify to releasing your bet. The minimum odds will vary from each bookmaker but are generally around the 2.00-1.50 mark for most.

Next up are the turnover requirements and this is something that you simply must keep an eye on. A lot of bookmakers add this in to try and keep players from signing up, depositing, placing just one bet, taking their free money and never coming back. A turnover amount will mean that there is a certain amount of money you need play through before being able to withdraw your funds. This will likely be a multiple of both your deposit and your free bet amount combined. Like all terms, it’s important to note that each bookmaker will vary, but also to find out if you think that the turnover requirements will be feasible for the amount you are planning to bet. Remember if you don’t meet the turnover requirement then you won’t be able to withdraw your funds!

Don’t get lured in by just a BIG BONUS. Sometimes betting sites will offer what appears to be a generous bonus, but it will include very difficult release requirements, making the bonus essentially worthless.

*Before you make your first deposit make sure to know the cricket  betting strategy basics.

Application to Cricket Betting

One thing that you should find is that pretty much all bookmakers will allow cricket betting to be used to clear their bonuses. This shouldn’t ever really be any issue.

The thing that we found most effective is using our free bets in conjunction with markets that were possibly a little more user friendly when it came to the odds on offer. You can look at your free bet as either something that you are willing to see any return from, no matter how small or a daft bet where you stick it on an outsider to try and win big.

We’ve actually used our free bets in conjunction with some accumulator bets where we have picked out several selections to bet on.

The IPL is a particularly good tournament for this as there are plenty of games going off regularly to sniff out some real value.

As the competition progresses we did find that some of the larger bookmakers were willing to offer some enhanced odds as well, of which we applied our free bets to. We will say that some bookmakers state you can’t use these in conjunction with enhanced prices however, so it’s worth looking out for that.