Cricket Betting Do’s and Don’ts

cricket betting dos and dontsBetting on any sport is never an exact science. What you will find is that whilst one person may have a successful strategy that works for them, it might be completely different for someone else, but still with positive results. What each bettor will all have behind them is a certain backbone of things they do and things they don’t do.

Through many years of betting on cricket we have seen first-hand what works and what essentially doesn’t work. We’ve made these mistakes and wasted a lot of money doing so. This article is designed to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes we have and go on to make a successful income from cricket betting.

What we will say about cricket over betting most other sports is that it can be very unpredictable. It’s very rare that you see big favorites for a certain game, especially in domestic cricket. The number of ‘upsets’ is much higher than say that of football betting, but you really need to just look at it as the games being more equal than most sports, rather than there being upsets.

Another quick point to make is about outside factors when it comes to betting on cricket. The weather and pitch play a role in cricket like very few other sports. Sometimes you can find games to be washed out for rain when your bets were looking good or even something to happen that all of a sudden puts your bets back on track. There are rules put in place by bookmakers to protect you from complete washouts, but it’s important to be aware how the weather can affect you and your bets.

DO  Research Cricket Game Info On Twitter and

cricket tipsters on twitterIt’s like anything in life; if you invest enough time into something then you’re going to get better at it. Betting is no exception and if you spend your time researching your picks for upcoming games then you are going to stand a better chance of winning that bet.

Research is all relative and we are aware that most of you will have regular jobs and families, limiting the time in which you can put into researching your bets. That’s fine, but what we will say is that if you are really looking to take it seriously and start making consistent money then you should be looking to research for as much time as you have spare.

If you only have 10 minutes then use your time wisely and try to nail down a formula where you can look at certain sites quickly to find possible tips or even information about possible bets. We aren’t saying that you need to spend dozens of hours every week to come up with your bets, but we just want to make sure that any time you do spend looking at possible bets is spent wisely and not wasted.

If time is of the essence then we recommend three  ports of calls.  Twitter, [1], and our homepage.

Twitter  is great for seeing quick and concise information on matches and possible bets. You don’t have to read through a 2,000 word article to see who your favorite tipster is betting on and it allows everything to work much quicker having everything in one place. One small tip is to spend a few hours initially setting up an account following only people related to cricket betting. This way, you can dive straight in and not have to sift through hundreds of accounts with the majority not even talking about cricket betting.  is an excellent resource to  run the tips you have received over the stats and see which really hold any value.

On our cricket betting strategy build-up section we pin-point exactly which twitter accounts and sections on you should be targeting.

After you have researched your match-up, see our home page for the latest odds for upcoming cricket matches.

It is best to invest  sufficient  time into making informed  selections, otherwise you are simply guessing. Betting  for fun doesn’t require the same kind of time investment, but if you really want to become a serious bettor, you have to put in the time to find value on your picks and build a long term profitable cricket betting strategy.

DO  Create a Bookmaker Portfolio

One of the big faults that we see far too many cricket bettors do is use the same bookmaker for every bet. What they do is find one that provides a reasonable range of markets and then just to stick with that bookmaker. This, in our opinion at least, is a massive betting flaw!

Cricket is plenty popular, but it isn’t the biggest sport in the world to bet on in regards to coverage. Sometimes there’s awful coverage of cricket betting, even from the bigger bookmakers and this is why it’s important to be flexible to jump about between bookmakers.

By doing this you basically allow yourself to take advantage of more markets, more promotions and probably most importantly, get the best odds every time.

We have identified the best  cricket betting sites for India  so can use either one depending on which has the most favorable odds.

It has been mentioned previously  on the site about how you should be looking to sap value from your bets and the easiest way of doing this is by making sure you pick up the best odds. By having multiple betting accounts you can jump between bookmakers easily to make sure you get the best price. When people ask us which bookmaker we use most often, we never answer that with just one but often with around half a dozen. We now see our portfolio as just one bookmaker as we know that we can dive on any site within seconds to make sure we get the best price.

If you want to see this work in a real life scenario then get yourself over to our homepage  and just compare the odds on the latest  cricket betting market. You could see swings of up to 20% between the best and worst priced bookmaker which is a massive amount. If somebody gave you the option of taking a bet at 5/1 and taking the exact same bet at 7/1, which one are you going to choose?

Don’t be afraid to use multiple bookmakers for your cricket betting strategy and embrace the fact that you can bet anywhere and ALWAYS get the best price.

DO NOT  Chase Your Losses

how to cut losses in cricket betting

Cricket betting can be extremely frustrating at times and let’s face it, there will be times where your bets will lose, but that’s just part and parcel of betting. What you must never do is bet for the sake of chasing your loses. If you lose, just mark it down and try to learn from why it potentially lost.

On our strategy section we showcased a MUST-SEE  video from  Pro Bettor  Wayne Allen were he stresses about the importance of not doubling your bets to recover from losses but instead taking a zen posture and recover those losses in a period of 3 weeks.

Sometimes there is literally nothing you can do about it and it’s just one of those things. On the other hand it might be something you didn’t do in the build up to placing that bet that you maybe should have. Hey, just remember there are always betting opportunities, there ´s no need to bet every single one of them. Be cool and place a bet only were there is value.

You need to take time after any big losses  and never get the urge to place a bet straight after without any research or planning just to try and win it back. You won’t be thinking straight and it’s likely you will go broke a lot faster than you will ever make money by implementing this strategy.

Always stick with a system that works and perform proper bankroll management. If you increase for a bet that you think has a particularly good chance after extensive research then fine, but never do it to try and win back money that you have just lost.

DO NOT  Lose Track of the Main  Goal

how to always win at cricket betting

At the end of the day your aim when betting is to make money and enjoy yourself while  doing it. Too many times we have seen people feel down in the dumps about losing money on betting and in turn making poor decisions. If you ever feel like this you should stop betting.

We don’t mean simply cut back, we mean completely stop for at least a few days or even weeks. Go and recharge your  batteries, clear your head, and come back with a fresh approach.

The flip side of this is seeing people not put the effort into their bets as much as they should. At the end of the day, you are betting with your hard earned cash, so why would you want to be frivolous with the bets you place? Take your time to make your bets and if you don’t find anything that really catches your eye then don’t bet. Use the money to roll over into another bet that you do like or spend the money on something else. There will always be tomorrow when it comes to betting and patience is often a virtue in this game.


[1], ESPN Cricket Info, 2015