Sakshi Dhoni Takes To Twitter To Address Speculation On MS Dhoni’s Retirement

One of the most famous faces in Indian cricket has been out of the limelight for the last 3 months. MS Dhoni initially requested the BCCI for a two month absence to spend time with the Indian army.

Many expected MS Dhoni to be back for the three match T20 series against South Africa but Dhoni wasn’t part of the T20 squad, given the fact that he had not made himself available. There has been a lot of speculation in the media that Dhoni will most likely pull the curtain on his cricketing career soon.

Kohli’s Tweet Sparks Retirement Rumours

Indian captain Virat Kohli got everyone talking last week after he posted an Instagram picture of MS Dhoni and praised the former skipper. Social media immediately concluded that Dhoni had retired and it was Kohli’s way of paying tribute to MS Dhoni and what he has done for Indian cricket.

However, no official announcement came from MS Dhoni or the BCCI which gave MS Dhoni fans hope as they would dearly like to see Dhoni play the T20 World Cup scheduled for 2020.

Dhoni has preferred to stay out of the public eye and continues to keep silent on his cricketing future. While Dhoni did not address the recent rumours sparked by Kohli’s tweet, his wife Sakshi Dhoni did take to Twitter to address them.

Sakshi Dhoni Tweets

Sakshi Dhoni has defended her husband in the past and stood strong by his side when he went through a tough time in the IPL when the Chennai Super Kings were suspended for two years. She took to Twitter last week to Tweet ‘It’s called rumours!’ to put an end to all speculation about MS Dhoni’s retirement.

While the Tweet clarifies that MS Dhoni has not retired, it does not give the cricketing public any indication as to when Dhoni will be back in action or why is he not playing the current T20 series against South Africa.

Former test captain and head coach Anil Kumble recently asked the selectors to go and have a chat with MS Dhoni and find out what his plans are for the future. The selectors are currently focused on the T20 and test series against South Africa and have not yet met with MS Dhoni.

Kohli clarified that his Instagram post had nothing to do with Dhoni’s retirement and said that as long as Dhoni is available, his experience would be invaluable to the Indian cricket team.