Big Daddy Floating Casino In Goa Promoting Is Asia’s Most Modern Casino

Gambling is banned in most parts of India but Goa is one of the few states that has a thriving land based and offshore casino industry. Big Daddy Casino is promoting itself as the biggest and most modern floating casino in Asia as it remains a towering presence on the Mandovi River.

The three-deck luxury vessel packs around 110 no-limit tables on its 50,000-square-feet floorplan. The Big Daddy Casino lures high rollers by offering games most-frequented by big spenders, among them baccarat, poker, blackjack, rummy, roulette and more. There are also a number of games for domestic tourists which include Indian flush and andar bahar.

Run by Golden Globe Hotels Private Limited, the property sits on a commissioned Panamanian vessel measuring 72 meters long and 24 meters wide. Narinder Punj who is the Chief Visionary Officer for Big Daddy states that the casino has the latest gaming equipment that could rival and equal some of the top casinos in Macau and Las Vegas.

Big Daddy Casino has turned into a hotspot for famous personalities who frequently the casino. However, Punj did not disclose any celebrity names due to the company’s privacy policy.

Entertainment For The Full Family

Big Daddy only allows individuals over 21 to access its casino floor. However, there is entertainment on board for the entire family. The casino operator has put together a special entertainment hall for children which have a variety of different games to keep kids occupied. Big Daddy came up with this concept in order to allow parents to visit the casino floor and play without having to worry about what their kids were up to.

The child-friendly space offers nanny services, as well as features a slate of supervised activities, such as movie screenings. The entertainment zone for kids also has learning and play facilities like toys, books, and console games.

Big Daddy Wants To Transform Floating Casino Image

Big Daddy hopes to contribute to changing the impression of the public towards Indian offshore gambling. Floating casinos along the Mandovi River are hounded by threats of closure from both sides of Goa’s political aisle. Punj said they are seeking to give offshore gambling in India a much-needed facelift, as well as bolster Goa’s economy through tourism.

Big Daddy caters to both domestic and international tourists with a global menu, international drinks, live music and an environmental friendly policy that recycles waste.