PokerHigh And Hippo52 Merge To Target Indian Poker Market

The Asian poker market is still untapped and a lot of gaming analysts expect the Asian continent to be the place where the next poker boom takes place. A lot of poker operators are looking to China and remain hopeful that poker will soon be legalized but things are not looking very position. Indian on the other hand seems to be just as lucrative and is showing more signs of progress.

Indian has witnessed the entry of a number of international poker operators in the last 12 months and this has force domestic operators to come up with new strategies to tackle foreign competition. Hippo52 and PokerHigh who are already in the market are trying to make their presence more formidable by merging forces.

New Merged Poker Portal

PokerHigh is run by Quatumskill Gaming and Tech Pvt. Ltd, while Hippo52 is operated by Ultimate Gaming Technologies Pvt Ltd. They both have the chops to target the Indian market individually but decided to join forces to ensure that they have a more solid footing in the market. This is a good move given the fact that the Indian poker market is now a lot more competitive.

The merger was announced out of the blue, with Hippo52 players being notified by the website that their full balance has been transferred to the PokerHigh website. Though full details about the merger has not been announced yet, it seems that the new partnership will focus on running live poker tournaments in India and overseas.

Both companies are excited about the merger. Mithun Rebello, the founder of PokerHigh thinks that the Indian poker industry will soon see a series of mergers as more market players consolidate. His company’s move to merge with Hippo52 will just improve the two companies’ market positions.

Sumit Khurana, who founded Hippo52, is just as optimistic. He thinks that the combined knowledge of two operators will give their customers a better experience. Khurana will stay on with the new merged entity and will focus on the companies’ offline marketing strategy.

Past Collaborations
PokerHigh and Hippo52 have worked together before and this merger could be seen as taking their relationship to another level. They collaborated on a Colombo cash game trip and a skill gaming event in Delhi.

The merger is definitely a huge positive for Hippo52. The website is mainly focused on amateur players and looks to introduce them to the game. A good place for beginners, the interface allows new players to develop their skills before joining high-level games. Overall, the Hippo50 poker room has less than 2,000 customers.

PokerHigh, on the other hand, has been offering a 24×7 online poker experience for several years now. The site offers a fair and safe poker playing atmosphere, with top-of-the-line technology. It also has a generous bonus program for new players and exclusive promos for loyal players.