Sri Lankan Cricketers Accused Of Molesting Indian Women In Mumbai

The India #MeToo Movement is picking up steam and a lot of skeletons in the closet are being exposed. India’s top brass including politicians, respected journalists and Bollywood actors have been accused of raping, molesting and harassing women.

Allegations Made Against Ranatunga

Arjuna Ranatunga, the former Sri Lankan captain who led his country to their first World Cup victory has come under fire for an incident that dates back to 1998. A victim who is a former flight attendant claimed that Ranatunga sexually assaulted her at a popular hotel in Mumbai who refused to help her when she made a complaint against him.

She accused him of grabbing her waist and running his hands across her breasts even though she resisted him and screamed that she would report him to the police and get his passport cancelled.

Ranatunga who is the current Minister of Petroleum Resources Development in Sri Lanka has yet to respond to these allegations at the time of this writing.

Malinga Took Advantage During IPL

Lasith Malinga who was once one of the best death bowlers in T20 internationals and a regular for the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League (IPL) has also been accused of sexually assaulting an Indian woman in Mumbai. The lady posted a detailed account of the incident on Facebook and preferred to be anonymous.

In a statement, the victim said “A few years back when I was in Mumbai, I was looking for my friend in the hotel we were staying in. I bumped into a very famous Sri Lankan cricketer during the IPL season who said my friend was in his room. I go in and she’s not. He then pushed me in the bed and proceeded to climb onto my face. I closed my eyes and mouth but he used my face”.

Malina has also yet to respond to these allegations and there is also no information as to why the victim did not make a complaint earlier.

The #MeToo movement has given courage to a lot of Indian women who have finally made the decision to come out in the open and share their stories. It will be interesting to see if the Indian authorities decide to launch an investigation into these two prominent Sri Lankan cricketers.

While some believe these allegations against two of Sri Lanka’s finest cricketers, many claim that a number of women are fabricating stories in an attempt to gain attention during the #MeToo craze.