5 Reasons Why Virat Kohli’s Captaincy Let Team India Down In England

When you speak of Virat Kohli – the batsman, there’s a hundred positive things that emerge as his record in all formats of the game speak for themselves. He has silenced his critics during the England tour with a magnificent performance with the bat and if it wasn’t for him, India would have been humiliated. However, Kohli returns with a 1-4 series defeat against his name and that is a reflection of his captaincy prowess. 

Team Selection: Shastri and Kohli messed up the playing eleven throughout the test series and that hurt team India. There are many who believe that Shastri is the head coach because he is a YES man to Virat Kohli. Even if that wasn’t true, there is no doubt that Kohli has a big role in deciding the final eleven. Leaving out K Yadav in the first test, foolishly playing him in the second and persisting with the likes of H Pandya and KL Rahul show that Kohli isn’t making the right choices for team India.

DRS Reviews: Former England captain Michael Vaughn recently took to twitter to say – Kohli is the best batsman – fact but Kohli is also the worst DRS review – fact! Kohli who often gets over excited has squandered away DRS reviews that has come back to hurt team India throughout this test series.

Slip Cordon: Kohli has to take responsibility for poor slip selection having S Dhawan in the slips, then moving him out. India got their slip cordon wrong and put down a number of catches with Kohli dropping a few as well. Kohli should also not be in the slips but at long on or long off as it would have assisted him with his DRS reviews.

Field Placements: Kohli is a smart reader of the game as a batsman but he has a lot of work to do as a captain. England’s tail managed to fight back a number of times because Kohli messed up his field placements, allowed easy singles and did not go for the kill. You cannot teach field placements at this level and that’s one area that Kohli must work on if he is to captain India.

Too Much Authority: Being the best batsman in the side and the captain, Kohli has too much authority and influence on the team and coach. Former coach Kumble who stood up to Kohli was removed and that hurt team India. If Kohli is not reigned in, he will continue down the same path and that isn’t working for Team India – definitely not on overseas tours!