5 Reasons Why Ravi Shastri Should Be Removed As Head Coach of India

The Indian team began their five match test series against England with a lot of hope and expectation. England did not have a strong team and India allegedly had their best overseas team led by captain Virat Kohli and head coach Ravi Shastri.

Shastri has talked a big game throughout the series but now that they have been embarrassed with a 1-4 record, it’s time Shastri takes responsibility. The Committee of Administrators (CoA) are expected to ask Shastri to submit a performance review and it is quite possible that they might give him his walking papers as it is highly unlikely that Shastri will quit on his own accord given the fact that he is well paid.

Cutting Down Tour Game In Favor of Practice

India were supposed to start the test series playing a four day warm up game against Essex but Shastri surprised everyone and decided to cut it down by a day in order for the team to have a net session. A net session can never amount to a day on the field and that is something a man with Shastri’s experience should know. Needless to say, India were not prepared well enough for the first test and lost.

Not Choosing K Yadav In The First Test

K Yadav had a fantastic T20 and ODI series troubling the England batsman. It was a no-brainer to play him in the first test on a wicket that did show signs of offering spin and bounce. Instead Shastri decided not to play K Yadav and that was a costly mistake that would go on to hurt India in the second test as well.

Playing K Yadav In The Second Test 

The public outcry of Shastri making such a blunder hit home and the head coach decided to make up for it by playing K Yadav at Lords even though the conditions and pitch was not suitable for spin. The decision backfired as India now had two spinners and lacked a third specialist seamer which proved to be a major factor.

Hands Off Approach

Shastri’s famous lines are that at this level, his job is mainly to work on the mindset of the players and not their techniques. That’s more the job of a sports psychologist than a head coach. India’s batsmen failed miserably and were exposed because of their poor techniques as well as mental application. Shastri is getting paid a lot but delivering very little.

Big Talk – No Results

Shastri has talked a big game throughout this series calling this the best traveling team ever but the results prove otherwise. When criticised, he defended himself by saying that one shouldn’t expect him to turn around the fortunes of the Indian cricket team who has had a habit of losing on overseas tours. If that’s his attitude – then why exactly should he be head coach?