Sourav Ganguly Says Virat Kohli Should Not Chop And Change Before Second Test

India lost the first test match to England after their batting order let them down completely. Captain Virat Kohli carried the team on his shoulders and expressed disappointment after the loss at the way his batsmen applied themselves.

Virat Kohli Should Not Chop & Change

Kohli sets a very high standard for himself and expects his team to follow likewise. He hates losing and does not tolerate average performances from any of his players in any formats of the game. That’s one reason why many expect changes to be made to the playing XI before the second test which starts on August 9 at Lords.

Dhawan, KL Rahul and A Rahane had a bad game and one or more of them could lose their place in the squad. However, former captain Sourav Ganguly who is in England commentating advises Virat Kohli against chopping and changing.

In a statement, Ganguly said “The captain should give confidence to his players. It’s his team and only he can change their mindset. He will have to sit with them and tell them that if he can do it, so can they. He should give them time and tell them to go out and play without any fear. It is true that after continuous chopping and changing of the playing XI, players can get afraid that after all these years, they’ve failed to garner the faith of the team management”

Kohli Will Make His Own Decisions

One thing we have learned over the last couple of years is that Kohli will make his own decisions and not let the opinion of past players override his own instinct. Ganguly will go down as one of India’s greatest captains but the team that Ganguly captain will never have the reputation of having that killer streak.

Kohli has that killer streak and that is why he is one of the best batsmen in the world who is always pushing himself and his players to give more. There’s not many changes that Kohli can make for the second test.

He might consider bringing back C Pujara to strengthen the middle order. Pujara is a sure option when playing on the sub-continent but his overseas record is poor. What Kohli will have to do is think about how he is going to get K Yadav into the squad as that will mean dropping either U Yadav or M Shami.