Ravi Shastri Comes Under Fire From COA After Batting Collapses Embarrass India

Ravi Shastri has one of the most sought after jobs in world cricket and that is being the head coach of the Indian cricket team. Shastri has had a great run so far working in partnership with Virat Kohli and registering wins in all formats of the game.

Shastri Must Answer Questions

Now that India has lost two tests in a row against England, Shastri is beginning to feel the pressure. India suffered an embarrassing batting collapse in the second test at Lord’s as the top order fell like a pack of cards. This was the first time that a test side captained by Virat Kohli lost by an innings.

That embarrassing defeat has left Shastri facing a lot of heat from the Committee of Administrators (CoA). The COA has already informed Shastri that such performances were not acceptable and they have called for a meeting with the BCCI selectors once India returns to discuss policies and procedures when it comes to overseas tours.

A source that wished to remain anonymous said “The CoA has already mentioned this to Ravi Shastri, that after having sent the team so much in advance, allowing adequate preparation time in English conditions, this kind of performance from the top order is not encouraging at all. The Committee has also mentioned in its communication that they need to discuss this with the head coach”.

What Exactly Is Shastri Doing?  

Shastri has maintained all along at this level there is no need for coaching and he serves mainly as an advisor. Well his advice and attitude in England isn’t working and from the way the top order collapsed, it appears there are issues not just with the mental side of things but also with technique.

Team selection has also come under question after they left out K Yadav in the first test on a pitch that turned and selected him in the second test on a pitch that seamed. Those decisions hurt India and Shastri needs to take responsibility for that. Given the fact that India lost their 3 match test series to South Africa 2-1 and could very well lose the series to England being 2-0 down already, Ravi Shastri needs to prove that he can turn things around in the next few days.

The third test starts on 18th August at Trent Bridge and if India ends up losing 3-0, Shastri will face the fury of the fans and the fire of the COA.