Jharkhand Set To Get New IPA Poker Room

The Indian Poker Association (IPA) has come a long way in promoting the game of poker during the last decade. They have vigorously promoted poker as a game of skill and not chance and fought hard to get poker legalized throughout the country. The IPA has established live rooms in Bangalore, Kolkatta, and Ahmedabad but they are from done as they are preparing to open another poker room in Jharkhand’s Ranchi Holiday Home on August 15th.

New Poker Room In Jharkhand

This new poker room will fit in nicely with the other amenities that the resort has to offer. IPA Secretary KN Suresh and one of the IPA’s affiliate organizations, the East India Poker Association, recently took to social media to make the exciting announcement.

While confirming the news, Suresh said that this attempt to open a new poker room will not be met with any legal difficulties as the IPA already notified the Director General of Police (DGP) and the authorities have not voiced any objections to the IPA’s plans. The DGP has already forwarded the petition to jurisdictional police.

Poker players in Jharkhand are excited about finally being able to enjoy live poker in a professionally managed establishment without having to worry about the authorities raiding the poker room and making arrests.

IPA Continues To Fight For Legalized Poker

The IPA and Suresh have tried very hard over the last few years to open up more offline poker rooms for several years but not all of their attempts have been successful. The IPA tried to open up a poker room in Delhi’s Radisson Blu Hotel in Paschim Vihar but it was forced to close its doors because of legal complications. Their poker operations in Ahmedabad also suffered through difficulties with authorities after a judge of the Gujarat High Court ruled that poker is a game of chance and therefore cannot be legally allowed.

The IPA has appealed that ruling and a hearing on the matter is expected to happen on September 11th. The IPA is basing its appeal on a number of issues including the fact that the judge relied on ancient scriptures as opposed to relying on data. The IPA also didn’t feel that it was fair or proper for the judge to compare poker to sports betting before discussing the evils of gambling as described in the Rigveda and Manu.