PokerStars India Ambassador Gives New Poker Players Advice To Be Successful

Muskan Sethi needs no introduction to the poker community in India as she is by far the most successful female poker player in the country. The 28 year old poker pro from Delhi received the Women’s Achiever Award from the Ministry of Women & Child Development in India for pioneering a way for female poker players in a game that is generally dominated by men.

Sethi Encourages Women To Take Up Poker

Indian parents encourage their children to study hard and pursue prestigious professions such as being a doctor, lawyer or an engineer as it usually sets them up for life. However, Sethi went against the grain and choose to pursue a career playing poker and using cards to make a living.

She credits her family and strong support circle of friends and colleagues for encouraging her to pursue her dreams. Sethi who is an ambassador for PokerStars is now encouraging women in India to considering a career in poker even though it might be frowned upon.

Her advice is to try playing online poker for yourself and see if it is something that you like playing. She believes that with dedication, training and a desire to get better it is possible for Indian female poker players to make a good living playing poker.

In a statement, Sethi said “The gender of someone playing poker makes no difference. Our skills are based on our mental capabilities and strategic acumen. I particularly recommend poker for students that are interested in numbers. The game is male dominated, but that’s only because most women have not tried it yet.”

Key Tips That Will Help You Succeed

Sethi has won over $50,000 in career prize money so far and she believes the best is yet ahead. She dished out some great advice for new poker players who are looking to make playing poker a full time career.

The key is to constantly study the game and learn from experienced poker pros. She promoted the new PokerSchool in India which will be launched on the PokerStars.In domain before the end of the month. She also encouraged players to spend time on Twitch and watch live streams and learn from some of the best poker pros out there.

Other key tips include having immense patience, consider the risk vs. reward factor, bounce ideas and strategy off other poker players and play regularly to keep getting better.