Does England Have To Much Firepower In The ODI And T20 Format For India To Handle?

England is without doubt one of the most formidable and dangerous sides in the shorter formats of the game. They literally decimated the touring Australian side by making overpowering them in the first four ODI’s to click the series in style.

Strong Message Sent To India

India will visit England to play 3 T20 matches, 3 ODI matches and 5 test matches and will have their hands full. The test matches should be pretty evenly matched as England has not had a great time in the test arena. However, their record in the shorter format of the game, especially at home has been brilliant.

England has one of the most powerful batting line-ups in the world with Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Alex Hales, Eoin Morgan, Moen Ali, Joe Root, Josh Butler and Ben Stokes. This battling line-up put on a record 481 against Australia on June 19 at Nottingham when Hales, Bairstow and Morgan cut loose.

Australia’s opening batsman Aaron Finch has witnessed first-hand what kind of destruction this England battling line-up can cause.

In a statement, Finch said “The tone England are setting in one-day cricket is the benchmark in the world. They’re playing like the No.1 side in the world for a reason. They’re full of confidence and have a lot of depth in their batting. They have confidence to know that their Nos. 6, 7, 8 or 9 can get the job done even if things don’t go well at the top of the order. They’ve a pretty good blueprint.”

India Will Need A Clever Strategy

Coach Ravi Shastri and Captain Virat Kohli will have to put their heads together and come up with a clever strategy. Trying to restrict the England batsmen has proven to be futile. The best strategy will be to work out cracks in each batsman’s game and then give the bowlers the plan to take wickets quickly and keep the scoring down.

India has a couple of key factors in their favour which Australia don’t have. India has J Bumrah – one of the finest death bowlers in the world and Virat Kohli – arguably the best chaser in the game at the moment.

That being said it will take a bit of time for the Indian side to get used to the English conditions and give England the upper hand.