Adda52 Striving To Change Negative Perception About Poker In India

India continues to have a traditional and negative perception about card and online games such as poker—but online gaming operator is doing its best to change that negative perception.

Poker Is Not A Game Based On Luck

For most of the locals, poker continues to be seen as a gambling activity and is hence illegal since gambling in any form is banned in most states across India. Poker is viewed as gambling since many believe that this card game is based on luck or chance. However, the professional poker community in India disagrees with this stance and believes that poker is a game of skill and requires a robust strategy to be successful.

This perception about poker being a game of luck is continuously being challenged by the poker community, including gaming operator Adda52 who has worked hard to prove how much skill and expertise it takes to become a successful poker player.

Anuj Gupta, founder and CEO of, has frequently highlighted the fact that a poker player needs to spend an enormous amount of time and effort to become good at the game. It takes discipline, attending classes, learning theories, watching playthroughs, and even singing up for coaching lessons to be able to be good enough and make a successful living as a full time poker player.

Adda52 Continues Efforts To Grow Poker In India

In a statement, Gupta said, “When we were starting up, we had to literally educate our investors, banks and everyone around by showing the legal framework. We had to educate people about the difference between gambling and a game of skill…Playing poker requires a better skillset than that possessed by a professional fund manager who deals in large equity and debt fund.”

Gupta believes that they can win this fight one tournament at a time. One of their most recent efforts to forward their cause is the DPT Colossus, a super high-roller tournament held at the Deltin Royale in Goa. Right now, the DPT Colossus is already attracting an international player base. But for Gupta, the real goal is to make the Indian community more comfortable with poker as a sport, and to be able to conduct larger scale tournaments in grander locations in the country.

Gupta says that the target of his company is to “sportify poker” and make it a mainstream game, alongside other mind games such as rummy, chess, and bridge.