Online Poker Becoming Very Popular With Bengaluru Techies

Bengaluru, the technology capital of India has now become the poker capital of the country. Techies have become very active poker players and can be found in large numbers playing online poker games.

Techies Turning To Online Poker For Revenue

Unlike businessmen, who have continued to play live poker at physical locations, techies have chosen to play online poker because of their love for gadgets and their ability to use them comfortably. Poker experts have opined that techies tend to get attached to multi-level thinking games because of their mathematical abilities. As a result of this, a game of cards that was once only played at weekends has become a full-time activity as more and more techies in Bengaluru are turning to the game to generate a secondary stream of income.

Vaibhav Sarangi, a twenty-eight year old senior analyst, started playing poker in his college days. Initially, he played the game only in his free time, having made a deposit of only Rs 30. Today, he is making around Rs. 25,000 per day. He enjoys playing online poker because he is able to make money at the click of a button and it more than takes care of his daily expenses. It also helps that online poker websites operate 24/7, allowing him to play when he has free time or after his normal working hours.

Sanjay Chaudhary, a twenty-seven year old technical writer who lives at Capgemini, says that he saves 30 percent of his salary and spends two hours every day playing poker. He learnt how to play poker on Facebook and then started playing online for real money when he was out of work in 2015. Chaudhary does turn up to a live poker club once in a while but he prefers online poker as it offers him a wide variety of games and stakes.

Mathematical Skills Fueling Their Success

Avinash Kumar, a twenty-five year old engineer, says that he plans to make poker his full-time career in the near future. He said that mathematics was his favorite subject in school, a fact that makes him a good poker player. He said that he makes good money playing poker, preferring to play online poker tournaments so that he does not have to travel much. He further said that his decision making skills and understanding of investment to return ratio have improved because of poker.

These techies are also helping to fuel the online poker market in India as techies from other states are also beginning to realize that they can make money online using their IT skills. Gaming analysts estimate that India’s poker market is currently in the range of $50 million.