Anil Kumble Resigns As India Coach As Unable To Work Out Differences With Captain Virat Kohli

There were rumors floating around before the ICC Champions Trophy that there were differences between coach Anil Kumble and captain Virat Kohli – one of the main reasons why the BCCI suddenly decided to accept applications for a new head coach. Kohli denied those rumors when questioned by reporters stating that it was the usual process the BCCI followed.

Kumble Resigns

However Anil Kumble resigned as Indian coach earlier this week and released a clear cut statement not only confirming the fact that Kohli was not happy with his coaching style but also termed their relationship as ‘untenable’. Kumble submitted his resignation and it was accepted by the BCCI after they realized that Kohli wasn’t going to change his stance and it would be better for all if Kumble departed.

Just last week the cricket advisory committee (CAC) consisting of Kumble’s old mates – Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman had hinted that Kumble would continue as head coach for the West Indies tour and they would see if the Kumble- Kohli combination could work out their differences. The CAC nor the BCCI had a good enough reason to sack Kumble as his results have been phenomenal barring the ICC Champions Trophy final loss.

However as confirmed by Kumble, the biggest issue was the fact that Kohli no longer wanted him as head coach. Kumble stated that it was best for everyone if he moves on and thanked the CAC for backing him to continue as head coach.

Kumble Confirms Kohli Had Problems

In a statement, Kumble said “Post this intimation, I was informed for the first time yesterday by the BCCI that the Captain had reservations with my ‘style’ and about my continuing as the Head Coach. I was surprised since I had always respected the role boundaries between Captain and Coach. Though the BCCI attempted to resolve the misunderstandings between the Captain and me, it was apparent that the partnership was untenable, and I therefore believe it is best for me to move on.”

What is surprising with Kumble’s statement is the only after the BCCI informed him was he aware that Kohli had problems. Considering the fact that rumors were floating around for the last three weeks, Kumble should have raised the issue with Kohli or should have been able to discern that something was not right. However it is now too late for that bridge to be mended and the BCCI will look to select a new head coach soon.

The BCCI has already shortlisted a few candidates for its head coach role and will now have to proceed with final interviews to determine who is best suited to coach India and work with Captain Kohli.