• Tell us about your ideal guy?

    "My ideal guy probably doesn’t exist haha. If I listed traits of my ideal guy someone would tell me to go get a dog instead because that’s what I just described. But I’d say my type is athletic, adventurous/ spontaneous, motivated, has that surfer beach bum look (but actually applies himself when it comes to work), and has a rad sense of humor. I’ve been told I act like chandler from friends so I’d need someone who could challenge or understand my humor. I think chemistry and looks are important, but were not all going to be young and attractive forever. So I think it’s important to find someone who you can really click and get along with rather than fall for someone you drool over every time you see him. "


Tota Babe Interview

What made you want to become a model?
I was a part time waitress and in school studying nutrition so didn’t think I would ever get into the industry. A guy I worked with modeled part time and asked me why I never tried it. He then told me to see this talent agent and I started getting signed a few weeks later. It’s crazy how much my life has changed in just a couple of months and with a job I actually love. I’m still in school but this job is no question the best I’ve ever had.
What do you like most about it?
I love the energy and atmosphere that every shoot brings. Being an artist I found with different themed shoots you have to get into character to match the mood which is so much fun. I also enjoy the pay a lot. I’ve had five part time jobs that earned tips but nothing is compared to the money you can make in this industry. I also really enjoy meeting new people whether its photographers, makeup artists, videographers, or agents. It makes you get out of your comfort zone and a lot of the people I’ve worked with have become my friends as well.
What interests you most?
When it comes to my personal interests I’m a nutrition freak so I love learning new ways to improve my body as a whole. I also love surfing and try to go out every day.
What would be your dream date?
My dream date would be a romantic wine dinner on the beach of Tahiti or Bali surrounded by tikki torches and a ukulele player in the background. Haha but more realistically I think my dream date would be a picnic by the beach with food he cooked or something to show he actually took the time and effort to make the date special. No man really wants to picnic, but what makes any date awesome is how the guy shows you the time and effort he put into it to be there with you.
If you were to ask a guy out, how would you do it?
What’s funny is I’m usually the one who approaches them first and introduces myself. When I’m out with my friends I’ve gone up to groups of guys by myself and said Hi. Then their group and my group hang together and eventually I start hanging out with them if I like them. But If I was to ask a guy out normally I would say something like “I kinda like you” then it gives them the chance to be a man and ask me on a date.
How would you sum up your personality?
I’ve been told by friends that I’m like this ray of sunshine (whatever that means), I’m outgoing, easy going, hate drama, most people laugh at me.. or with me.. so I think I’m funny, and pretty nonjudgmental so I like all different kinds of people and experiences.
Tota Babe -
Karly Ryner
San Diego, CA, USA
Favorite Song:
Badfish by Sublime
Favorite Food:
Favorite Beach:
Oil painter, surfing, cooking healthy food / starting a recipe book, hiking, tennis, & traveling to exotic places with friends
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