Indian Team Not Very Happy With Anil Kumble Coaching Style – BCCI Seeks New Coach

Anil Kumble has done a phenomenal job with the Indian cricket team as they have reached the number one test ranking during under his guidance and have done very well with in both ODI and T20 formats. During the last 12 months when Kumble was in charge, India have not lost a series – barring the 2 match T20 series against the West Indies in Florida.

BCCI Accepts Applications

So when the BCCI suddenly announced that it had started the process of accepting applications for the coaching role – it came as a surprise to many. Kumble was appointed for a period of 12 months and his contract can be renewed by the BCCI. Many expected it to be an automatic renewal as no one can point fingers with regards to the results that he has produced. The BCCI played it safe by saying it was following due process in inviting applications and Kumble would also be required to apply once again. The panel consisting of Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar would screen applicants and then advise the BCCI on the next coach.

Kolhi Complains To BCCI

Reports have emerged that one of the main reasons why the BCCI did not automatically renew Kumble’s contract was because captain Virat Kohli had complained that the team wasn’t very happy with Kumble’s coaching style. It appears that Kumble comes across as a strict headmaster and players are treated like students. There are also rumors that sometimes a player has had to miss a match due to an injury that wasn’t physical but mental – stress brought on by Kumble’s aggressive style of coaching.

The fact that these rumors have surfaced just before the ICC Champions Trophy will not help the Indian team or Anil Kumble as they are bound to face questions from the media in this regard and will prove to be an unnecessary distraction. It could also make it awkward in the dressing room between the players and Kumble. So far Kumble and Kohli have chosen to stay silent and not respond to any of the allegations.

Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting has said that if the BCCI decides to appoint an Indian coach, they should look no further than Rahul Dravid – who is currently the coach of the India A side. Kumble and Dravid are known to have a close relationship with each other and also with the advisory panel – which makes it a difficult decision for all concerned.