India Decide To Use DRS During England Series As Part Of A Trial Basis

India has been the strongest opponent of the Decision Review System (DRS) during recent times as former test captain MS Dhoni and former BCCI President N Srinivasan have argued that the system was not flawless and hence was against using it. Now that the Srinivasan and Dhoni partnership has been broken, the new BCCI president Anurag Thakur, Indian coach Anil Kumble and test skipper Virat Kohli have been more open to the idea of trying out the DRS system on a test basis.drs

In a statement, Thakur said “We are happy to note that Hawk-Eye has institutionalised all the recommendations made by BCCI, and we confirm that this improved version of DRS will be used on a trial basis during the forthcoming series against England. Based on the performance of the system and the feedback that we will receive, further continuation in forthcoming series will be decided”.

Hawk-Eye has reportedly made changes to its technology in recent times that allows it to capture all images enabling an operator to fall back on the images should he forget to arm the tracking system at some point during the match. The fact that the BCCI has agreed to introduce DRS during the forthcoming England series comes as a surprise as Kohli had said towards the end of September that he expects DRS to be used sometime in the future.

DRS will definitely help in reducing the number of bad decisions on the field. India had suffered during the last couple of series due to a couple of poor decisions and Kohli alluded to the fact that India couldn’t really complain about poor decisions, since they had agreed not to use DRS.  India was the only test playing nation who was completely against the use of the DRS as all other countries was in favor of trying out the technology. Whenever India played a test series, the DRS was scrapped because both countries need to be in agreement for DRS to be used.

England is currently playing a test series in Bangladesh and will benefit from playing a quality spin attack on the sub-continent. England will play a 5 match test series against India, with the first test match scheduled to start on November 9. England will be without spearhead James Anderson during the first test and will face a confident Indian side who just completed a 3-0 whitewash of New Zealand.