Vijender Singh Faces-Off With Australian Kerry Hope As They Promote Their 16th July Fight

A lot of Indians have been disappointed with the fact that ace boxer Vijender Singh is not able to represent the country at the 2016 Rio Olympics. The dynamic boxer is currently busy preparing and promoting his fight with Australian Kerry Hope as they are set to fight on 16th July at the Thyagaraj Stadium in New Delhi.

Singh’s busy schedule and fight promotions makes it nigh impossible for him to be present at the Rio Olympics but there is an outside chance that if he pushes himself to attend the final Olympic Qualifier in Venezuela which has been thrown open to professional boxers. Singh who is an Olympic bronze medal holder is keen to represent India at the Olympics provided there is no clash in his schedule.Vijender singh

As of now Singh is focused on his match against Kerry as the two recently did a face-off boxing promotion that got a little intense and required Francis Warren the promoter to separate the two. Singh has had a great streak during the last 12 months and goes into the fight as the favourite.

However none of this appears to have fazed the Australian who believes his experience will hold him in good stead when he takes on Singh. In a statement, Kerry said “He is a superstar in India, but to me he is just a boxer. He has been pro for a year, I have been pro for 12 years. I bring a lot of experience. I know the crowd will be behind him but I like being the underdog. The pressure is on him. He has to train harder.”

Boxing face-offs have been an age old tradition to promote the fight and generate ticket sales. The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has taken face-off’s to a whole new level as the likes of Conor McGregor, Jonny Bones and Ronda Rousey have used the face-offs and the media to generate massive interest in the UFC.  It appears that Vijender Singh might have learned a thing or two from these face-off promotions as his eye-balling of Kerry has sure generated a lot of attention in the Indian media.

Francis Warren who promotes Singh has stated that while he cannot him from trying out for the Olympics, he prefers for him to concentrate on his current and future fights as he has contractual obligations with Warren’s company.