IPL Cricketers Earn Less Than What Rafael Nadal And Roger Federer Are Paid In The IPTL

Indian players are way behind their foreign counterparts when it comes to salaries. As per the Indian Sports Salaries Report 2016, domestic players got only 36 per cent, i.e. 296 crore rupees of the Rs 823 crore rupees paid by different sports leagues in India. This is quite surprising as domestic players formed the majority of the participants, standing at 521 out of a total of 857 players. The remaining 336 foreign players took away 527 crore as salaries.

Another startling revelation of the report was over the fact that Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are the highest earning players and received a lot more money than Indian cricketers. These two tennis superstars earned more than 26 crore in wages for their participation in the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL). The combined earrings of Roger and Rafael are more than what Pro Kabaddi League, Indian Wrestling League and Premier Badminton League players earned together as salaries.

The report also stated that the money earned by Federer alone is more than the salaries of all the hockey players in Hockey India league. To put things into perspective, the players from the Badminton League, Wrestling League, Hockey League and Pro Kabaddi League earn less than Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal.federer

This report is the result of a survey conducted on eight leagues which includes the IPL, Indian Super League (ISL), Hockey India League (HIL), International Premier Tennis League (IPTL), Premier Badminton League, Champions Tennis League, Pro Kabaddi and Pro Wrestling. It has been compiled on the basis of the analysis of Rs 1,100 crore budget allocated for all the 857 players in the eight leagues.

According to the report Brit Andy Murray is the highest earning player in terms of how much he is paid per minute. Murray is paid 14.34 lakh for every minute he played in the IPTL which is a lot higher than what some of the cricketers are paid per minute. The report went on to highlight the fact that “Top six players are all tennis players earning Rs six lakh per minute or more in the IPTL. Virat Kohli ranks 29th, MS Dhoni ranks 34th and Suresh Raina 48th rank are earning way below Rs 75,000 per minute”.

However, cricket bagged the distinction of being the highest earning sport in the Indian sporting leagues with Rs 420 crore going into its account. The only domestic player from another sport who could give the cricketers competition was wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt who is paid around Rs 1.65 lakh per minute. He stood seventh in the overall list.