Casinos In Nevada Are Looking To Bring In More Gamblers From India

Las Vegas Casino’s have had a good year in 2015 when compared to Macau, the biggest gambling hub in the world and have strategic marketing plans in place to make 2016 even better.

One of those plans is to target the Indian market and attract more Indians to Las Vegas to gamble at its casinos and establish an on-going relationship that keeps them coming back for more. There are currently only three states in India that allows casinos to function and a growing gambling community within India are constantly looking for new venues to gamble.lAS vegas

Most gamblers in India prefer to visit locations like Singapore, Malaysia and Macau as they are a lot closer than the United States and travel expenses are also a lot cheaper. However there is a strong market segment of VIP gamblers in India who have money to spend and it is this gambling segment that Las Vegas casinos want to target.

According to the Nevada Division of Tourism, the number of Indians visiting Las Vegas has continued to grow over the years and India now ranks within the top ten countries from which tourists visit. The Nevada tourism board wants to change that and put an emphasis on the Indian market and bring it to within the top 5 countries from which tourists come. During the early part of 2000, China was also ranked within the top 10 countries from which tourists visit Las Vegas and Nevada rolled out a similar strategy to bring China within the rank of the top 5 countries and successfully managed to do so.

The Nevada Tourism board confirmed that visitors from India were growing at a rapid pace as a record of 63,000 tourists visited Las Vegas in 2014 which was a 33 percent growth when compared to 2013. Nevada had opened out an office in India in October 2015 with an emphasis to target the cities of Delhi and Mumbai to encourage wealthy Indians to visit Las Vegas and has committed to providing all the help Indians require to visit the state of Nevada.

Macau also committed during 2015 to target the Indian market to not only bring in Indians to visit its mega-casinos but also to enjoy its visa-on-arrival policy and bring the full family to enjoy all that Macau has to offer.

The states of Karnataka and Maharashtra are currently considering legalizing casinos in an effort to tap into this lucrative market and keep its wealthy gamblers from spending their money at foreign casinos.