• Tell us what you desire most.

    "I want to make a difference. Whether it's helping people or animals, I just want to make this world a little more tolerable place to live."

  • What is your favorite sport, what do you like about it?

    "My love football because it's another good reason to gather with friends and family."

  • Where is the most interesting place you have traveled, would you go back, ever to India?

    "I would have say Lake Tahoe is the most interesting place just because it's so indredibly beautiful. It's peaceful and the view from Emerald Bay is just breathtaking. So yes, I'd totally go back. And I've never been to India, but it's definitly on my list! :)"


Tota Babe Interview

If someone gave you $100k to travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
I would literally go everywhere. I've seen so little of the world and just want to experience as much culture as possible. Although, my first stop would probably be the Amalfi Coast in Italy because you get both the ocean and city all in one.
What do you find irresistible in a guy?
I find intelligent and talented men who don't feel the need to show off or brag about themselves to be pretty irresistible. I tend to be attracted to the introspective type.
What is the worst way a guy has tried to get your attention?
I once had some guy dm me pictures of stacks of money, over and over, asking how he could send it to me. I'm not impressed by people who feel the need to flash their possessions to get my attention. I'm just not that kind of girl.
What do you think is your best physical feature and why?
I would have to say my smile because it's the first thing people notice, so I've been told.
Do you like to initiate romance or have the guy take control?
I guess it would depend on the guy, but mostly I would say that I prefer to make the first move. That way there's no mistake on whether or not I want it to be happening.
What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
I think I'll leave that one to the imagination. 😉
Thanks for being our Winter 2016 Betting Beauty
Thanks for having me!!
Tota Babe -
Samaria Regalado
Marietta, Georgia, USA
Favorite Song:
Islands by wolfandnardo (check them out on soundcloud!)
Favorite Food:
Chocolate covered strawberries 🙂
Favorite Beach:
Hiking, yoga, fostering kittens, and naps!
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