The Path is Not Clear for Srinivasan to be BCCI President

SrinivasanThe former BCCI president, N Srinivasan, who is currently suspended from holding this position, wants to get back to his role at the BCCI. There are a number of issues that need to be cleared up before he can return to the BCCI polls, and stand the chance of returning to his former position as president of the BCCI.

After the Supreme Court ruling, Srinivasan is not allowed to contest BCCI polls. However, there is a strong view that is held, especially by those in his camp, that if he gives away or sells his shares in the Chennai Super Kings, he will be allowed to stand for re-election.

While it seems that the former BCCI president would prefer to resume his role and offload the shares that are owned by his company, India Cements. However, it is not a simple procedure to get rid of his interest in the Chennai Super Kings. At this time, he is barred from taking part in the BCCI elections until the report the Supreme Court requested is completed. The committee looking into the issues is headed by Justice Lodha.

The BCCI has set up a working committee to work out what the next move of the board should be. Included in the items that need to be discussed during the 8th February meeting is who would be suitable to be nominated as president should Srinivasan need to step aside. It is expected that some of the board members will meet the day before this meeting to discuss the same issue.

The BCCI’s Annnual General Meeting has already been delayed by over four months, and it is likely that a date will be set at these meetings. The AGM had been set for September, and was delayed pending the Supreme Court decision regarding whether Srinivasan would be allowed to contest the position of president or not.

At this time, if Srinivasan does not run, other potential candidates are the interim president, Shiv Lal Yadav, or possibly the current BCCI secretary, Sanjay Patel. There could also be others who would be considered for this role.

It has been rumored that there will be a secret meeting this week in Chennai that will take place with Srinivasan and those who are loyal to him. The reports of this meeting have not been confirmed, although it is assumed that if the meeting does take place, discussions will be centered around the issues regarding who should be the next BCCI president.

What could the outcome of this event mean to the Mumbai Initiave or Excellence in Cricket (EIC) promoted by  Srinivasan himself?

In the latest news IPL teams  Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals have been banned from the IPL and there ´s a possibility 2 new franchises could cover their spots retaining part of the players [1].


[1],  IPL verdict as it happened: From suspension of CSK and RR to Srinivasan distancing himself, 2015